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Jason Fuchs

Jason Fuchs

Managing Director

“I am passionate about helping my clients, and others accomplish their life’s purpose. I’m committed to uncovering what you want to do in your life and developing a plan to achieve your goals successfully.”

Sage stands for wisdom through reflection and experience, deep sincerity, formal, and prudent. Your financial journey can be challenging - life is full of noise and distractions that can prevent you from succeeding financially. Allow us to create a path for a successful journey through your financial world. We work with our clients on their unique financial journeys at Sage Path.


We identify, prioritize and achieve our client's goals. We understand how overwhelming it can be to navigate financial decisions on behalf of yourself and your family. That’s why we created SageVision. Through our six-step process, we work with clients to understand their life’s vision. The process allows us to align our services with your priorities.

People hire us because we have the experience, knowledge, tools, and commitment to work diligently on their behalf to develop a plan to achieve their goals successfully. 

At Sage Path, we believe relationships start with friendship, integrity, and trust. Our clients come to us for a variety of reasons. Some clients are dealing with job transitions, divorce, and grief. Other clients come to us because their families are growing. By tailoring unique strategies to fit those diverse needs and objectives, I provide a lifetime of value, and my clients can safeguard what’s most important to them.

Through guidance and coaching, I help clients transition through some of life’s most difficult decisions: understanding their risk level and comfort with investing, taxes, deciding when to retire, having enough money in retirement, protecting families, preserving wealth, transitioning assets effectively and efficiently, and most importantly, accomplishing their life’s purpose.

Professional Journey

“Somewhere ages hence, two roads diverged, and I took the one less traveled by”—Robert Frost. Working in the financial industry for more than 15+ years, I have helped countless people navigate financial obstacles. From my time at Wells Fargo as Vice President to my position as the Managing Director with Sage Path Financial Advisors, I have developed a passion for establishing lasting relationships with individuals and families. Leaving Wells and building Sage Path has made all the difference. My clients value working closely together because I can provide a reliable and steady experience.

Away from the office

I spend my free time with my wife Amber, our daughter Jual, and dogs Emma, Luna, and Bear. Amber and I like to stay physically and mentally active, whether hiking together or enjoying a good book. I am a leader in the community, investing time and experience to lead others in social good. I’m past-President of the Kiwanis Club and actively involved in my church. I am dedicated to improving the lives of children through my non-profit work with Dock at Beach’s Vineyard and through my trips to local schools where I read to children. I’m very energetic. I play the drums and guitar and enjoy a variety of outdoor sports, such as running, mountain biking, surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, and rock climbing. I also love skydiving and was recently sponsored by Aerodyne, a significant manufacturer in the industry. I have more than 500 jumps! One of my passions is traveling, and I’ve traveled throughout the US and internationally. Although, my true passion is spending quality time with Amber, Jual, and our dogs!