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Are you a younger or inexperienced investor? Are you stuck in the middle of a life change (divorce, job transition, newly empty nester, death in the family, etc.)? Do you know how to live financially comfortably now while planning for a happy and fulfilling retirement? Are you uncomfortable committing to a financial advisor? Has the financial industry overlooked you entirely? 
Sage Path's monthly, fee-based subscription planning, SimplySage, may be right for you!
Your financial advisor will use proprietary tools and planning process to help optimize the FOUR KEY DOMAINS in your financial world:




Cash Flow

What does SimplySage include?

Assets: Your assets are your things, like your house, car, savings (retirement, etc), and investments (such as IRAs). Each has its purpose and place, and your advisor will guide you in coordinaring and growing your assets in line with your long-term and short-term goals.
Liabilities: Liabilities are things you owe, such as mortgages, student loans, consumer debt, credit cards, and deferred taxes. Your advisor will guide you on leveraging smart debt and elminiating bad debt.
Protection: Protection includes your life, disability, health, other insurance coverages, and legal documents like wills and trusts. Your advisor will help you protect what you have today and provide guidance to help ensure your cash flow continues even if the unexpected happens.
Cash Flow: Your cash flow is all the income that flows into your life. Cash flow drives everything in your financial world, and your advisor will work with you to put it to its highest and best use.

What is the right tier for you?

What is the right tier for you?

Tier 1: Top Tier of SimplySage Service with access to ongoing financial advice and guidance. Including Investment/Retirement/Educational/Goal Specific guidance, one annual review per year, one monthly call per month, and more!

Tier 2:
Mid Tier of SimplySage Service with access to ongoing financial advice and guidance. Including Immediate improvement of financial literacy, one annual review per year, four quarterly call per month, and more!

Tier 3:
Entry Tier of SimplySage Service with no committment needed.  Help address short term financial concerns and option to upgrade to Tier 2 or 1 at any time.

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SimplySage gives you access to ongoing financial advice and guidance from a financial professional. The process is all about you and your financial situation. You receive advise and education on foundational knowledge first: budgeting, managing cash flows, and student loan repayments - to name a few.  You'll find that your financial literacy will improve after the first meeting.

Are You Not Looking For Ongoing Advice? Is A Life Change Causing A Short-Term Financial Problem Resulting In Urgency Or Pain? Not To Worry. We Can Guide Short-Term Decisions So You Can Better Navigate The Current Financial Situation Instead Of Committing To Something Long-Term. When The Immediate Problem Is Solved, You Can Pull Out Of The Commitment, Protecting You From Being Locked In.

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Trust and transparency are essential to us - you, too. Our monthly, fee-based subscription planning is flexible for all budgets through a three-tier structure: immediate need(s), short-term, and long-term.  Your planning subscription fee pays for the advice you receive and breaks down your planning fee into manageable monthly payments (or a discounted annual payment). There are no surprises when you pay your bill. You'll see the value we provide without sales tactics used to generate more profit for our firm.

Before continuing, ask yourself the following questions:
     1. Do I want ongoing advise? Or do I want help with something specific?
     2. Am I comfortable organizing and managing all aspects of my financial picture? 
Or would I like help from a professional?
     3. Do I have the time, energy, and knowledge to manage my finances?
        Or would I prefer to leverage the expertise and advise of a Financial Planner?

Yes, I'm Ready!