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A Lifetime of Value

Early Years (20s-30s)

  • Student loan review
  • Retirement plan options
  • Budget analysis
  • Inheritance plan
  • FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) / FINE (Financial Independence, New Endeavor Assessment)
  • Establish "career-optional" income strategy
  • Education fund planning
  • Career benefit and compensation review
  • Equity compensation analysis

Mid Years (40s-50s)

  • Integrate financial planning strategies
  • Conduct insurance review
  • Tax and trust strategies 
  • Review employee stock option 
  • Optimize savings and retirement plan
  • Distribution plan for education funds
  • Real estate portfolio review
  • Plan for health care liabilities 
  • Determine elder care needs
  • Implement family wealth briefing
  • Establish a rollover strategy 
  • Fund retirement catch-up provisions
  • Implement FIRE / FINE strategy (if applicable)

Late Years (60s-70s+)

  • Funding a passion project 
  • Budget analysis 
  • Social Security and Medicare review
  • Implement the rollover strategy 
  • Consolidate accounts for effective planning
  • Philanthropic endeavors
  • Peace of mind 
  • Leaving a lasting legacy 
  • Wealth transfer plan
  • Review tax and trust strategies 
  • Accomplish your life's purpose 

Money Decisions You May Need to Make Within the Next 12 Months

New Money Decisions

  • Tax refund
  • Inheritance
  • Offer of a generous severance package
    Legal settlement
  • Lottery winning or other monetary prize

Existing Money Decisions

  • CD maturing
  • Excess money in savings, checking or money market accounts
  • Bonds maturing
  • Selling stocks/mutual funds or other investments
  • Sale of a limited partnership, non-traded REIT or other similar asset
  • Leaving your current employer or retiring triggering a possible 401k custodian to custodian rollover
  • Pay back of a loan you made
  • Sale of real estate
  • Sale of a business 

Potential Discussion Points

  • A new job
  • Planning to retire
  • Paying for a wedding
  • New child or grandchild
  • A divorce for you or someone in your immediate family
  • Relocating, buying a house or a vacation property
  • Starting a new business
  • Becoming a caregiver
  • A family member you are concerned about their level of responsibility (gambling, spending money, substance abuse, other)
  • Apprehension over a loved one’s mental deterioration 

More Services Offered

Your Investment Plan

  • Assess your risk tolerance
  • Rebalance or reposition assets as needed
  • Mutual funds, variable annuities, ETFs, alternative investments, bonds, common stock, brokerage accounts

Retirement Assets and Company Benefits

  • Retirement plan investments
  • Stock option grants or restricted stock
  • Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, Simple IRA, 401k plans, 403b plans, money purchasing plans, profit sharing plans 

Financial Planning

  • Second career planning
  • Social Security planning
  • Cash flow/reserve analysis
  • Tax planning
  • Intergenerational planning
  • Wealth management

Personal Risk and Family Security

  • Adequate insurance protection
  • Management plan for incapacity/disability income
  • Life insurance
  • Individual/Group health insurance
  • Long term care insurance

Goal Based Planning

  • Retirement planning
  • College planning
  • Dream vacation planning
  • Bucket list planning
  • Charitable giving
  • Life and goal planning 

Wealth Preservation Strategies

  • Types of ownership
  • Beneficiary reviews and designations
  • Trust and estate planning strategies 

Access to Banking and Lending Services through Pershing and BNY affiliates

  • Securities-based lines of credit
  • Aircraft, art, commercial real estate, life insurance premium, and jumbo mortgage financing

Business Succession Planning

  • Understand personal and business objectives
  • Implement appropriate risk mitigation tactic

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