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Transcript from Dad Cents Episode 6

March 23, 2021

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Announcer 0:02
Welcome to dad cents a podcast for folks looking to grow their financial future. This podcast is hosted by Jason Fuchs, a dad, a husband and managing director of sage path financial advisors. Jason's goal is to help you grow your financial future, the right way. Now, your host Jason Fuchs.

Jason Fuchs 0:25
Greetings everyone if you're new here, I'm Jason Fuchs, married to the beautiful woman known as Amber's father to a boss baby, two year old girl Angel saying that time span I'm also the managing director of sage path financial advisors and sage path. We are here to help you grow your financial future, the right way. I'm pumped to be here today to all of you out there listening. Thank you so much for joining me. You could be doing anything right now listening to anything right now. You chose to be here with me, and I appreciate you. Amber is back. Hello, Jason. I guess we should just assume that you're going to be on each episode. Now. Unless you want a fancy announcement.

Amber Fuchs 1:04
I always want a fancy announcement.

Jason Fuchs 1:08
I'm better than that, then. Alright,

Amber Fuchs 1:09
it's pretty good.

Jason Fuchs 1:12
As our society continues to become more and more connected digitally, it unfortunately creates a breeding ground for criminal activity as well. The growing pool of personal and financial data being stored and transfer online. It exposes all of us to a greater threat of cybercrime. Now, there's no easy fix to keeping your data 100% secure Amber. But there are some things you can do to impede criminals. I thought it might be helpful to reiterate some of the basic but extremely important tips that can help keep your information and your online account safe. And that's our financial topic of today's episode. Cyber Security tips. When you think Amber,

Amber Fuchs 1:49
I think that's more important than ever.

Jason Fuchs 1:51
I think so too, because a lot of this stuff isn't changing, right?

Amber Fuchs 1:54
Well, I think it is changing. Yeah. world is crazy.

Jason Fuchs 2:02
Ladies and gentlemen, remember, I'm still going to be answering financial related questions in each episode. And how do you get those to me? Well, I'm glad you asked Amber. The best way to do that is through email j Fuchs at Sage path FA Comm. You can also call me at 904-366-9388. All of that info is in the description of the podcast. So as usual, Amber, I want to know what's going on with you. What are you most excited about these days?

Amber Fuchs 2:28
Well, what I'm most excited about these days is connecting with friends in new ways and old ways, new friends, old friends, trying to just reconnect with people or make new connections where I can

Jason Fuchs 2:44
keep those relationships going. Right? Yeah, yeah. So like many of our listeners out there, we spent a lot of time on zoom. I mean, I'm on zoom with clients pretty much all day clients. So I'm very familiar with zoom. But you know, we're getting together with family, we use FaceTime, we use I think Facebook has its own messaging app that we use. But, you know, for us, even though we can't see these people regularly, it's it's been extremely important to get online and make some sort of contact, whether it's through video conferencing, or just an old fashioned phone call,

Amber Fuchs 3:14
right? I know you connect with your family up in Maryland, and we all get to speak with them frequently about once a week with using that. And I tried to reach out to my family on the west coast in California, my brother and his family live out there. And we tried to connect with them in those ways. But I'm also been eager lately to try to make connections where I can and where it's socially safe and responsible in person as well. Absolutely. I've been I've been missing and trying to seek out lately.

Jason Fuchs 3:47
Yeah, I know for you, you have your what every few weeks, once a month you get together with your girlfriends. And

Amber Fuchs 3:54
yeah, we have what we originally started as what we call driveway drinks. That that was when we would start impending.

Jason Fuchs 4:03
Yeah, of course,

Amber Fuchs 4:05
sit in the driveway. We all bring our own lawn chairs, or sometimes lawn chairs provided in in the driveway and sit socially distanced around a citronella candle and sip some wine and just connect and it was with some girls and women that I've met in the neighborhood working moms are usually the people that we have coming over and we have moved on from the driveway. But we do still sit outside we still sit socially distance. So it's actually kind of cool because some of the people that I've gotten to meet through this, I've never seen that inside of their houses. But I've seen their driveways and their backyards and

Jason Fuchs 4:50
nothing creates a calm relaxing environment with friends then a citronella candle right.

Amber Fuchs 4:56
Absolutely any kind of candle is wonderful

Jason Fuchs 4:59
bugs here. It doesn't matter what season they're all over the place, right? They

Amber Fuchs 5:02
are they are.

Jason Fuchs 5:03
Yeah, yeah, I've been spending some time with a gentleman I met at church years back. I mean, we used to get together fairly frequently for breakfasts and COVID came. And that stopped pretty quickly. But this year, we've been getting together every few weeks, every couple weeks having breakfast in the morning, sitting outside, of course, six feet apart. And when we're inside, we've got masks. And, you know, Nothing's more awkward than having a cup of coffee and chatting with a friend and you know, wearing your mask the entire time. But if for us, it's still important to be responsible in that regard. Oh, certainly want to maintain our connections, but we want to be safe doing it to

Amber Fuchs 5:38
one. Absolutely. And I think it's just for me, I've definitely been finding joy and finding new ways to get together with people. Yeah, yeah, I have to kind of be creative. But we are and and it's just nice to be able to look somebody in their eye and actually be there with them. Versus you know, that digital connection. Yeah, digital connection is wonderful for someone who's across the distance. And that's fabulous. However, it's just been nice to reconnect or make new connections.

Jason Fuchs 6:07
Yeah. And I think nowadays, it's so easy to kind of let these connections fall off the radar. Because a lot of us, we know these people from being round each other in person socializing. But since we haven't had that ability, I think a lot of those connections has kind of fallen off. So you and I have been doing a good job actively, kind of reigniting those relationships through text phone, video conferencing, just kind of trying to build it up, because eventually we'll all be able to socialize again, I'm sure right,

Amber Fuchs 6:38
well, and it's something that I felt missing. So yeah, it's nice to take that step.

Jason Fuchs 6:44
Well, you know, me, I'll talk to anybody I want human connection. And I can talk to the person at Publix for like, 15 minutes. Someone I don't even know. But that's as close to i as i get to human interaction as there is right now. talking to strangers when I'm out doing your chores and whatnot. Yeah. Well, I think it's an appropriate time to transition into our financial topic of today's episode, cyber security tips, what you think

Amber Fuchs 7:12
sounds great.

Jason Fuchs 7:13
Alright, let's jump into it. Now.

This is a piece that was included in a monthly email I sent or rather, some of the information I'm giving today was from a piece I included in a monthly email I send now ladies and gentlemen, I never sent anything spammy, spammy, only valuable content. If you're interested in receiving the monthly newsletter, email me call me, I'll add you. And if it ever gets to the point where it just gets to be too much, just tell me you don't want anymore? No worries, right? Oh, all right. So our society, we're becoming more and more connected digitally, especially right now. And that unfortunately creates a breeding ground for criminal activity as well. Now, I said it earlier, the growing pool of personal and financial data being stored and transferred online exposes all of us to a greater threat of cybercrime. There is no easy fix to keeping our data 100% secure, but there are things we can do to impede criminals. And since we've all been in this virtual world for about a year now, I thought it might be helpful to reiterate some of the basic but extremely important tips that can keep your information and online account safe. I mean, I have a great memory. It's just really short. So it helps to be reminded of this stuff. You ready, Amber? Yes. All right. Tip number one, keep your machine clean. And no, I'm not talking about getting out the Lysol wiping it down.

Amber Fuchs 8:38
Man, that's

Jason Fuchs 8:40
what I've been doing. That's probably important too. But what you want to do is you want to enable auto updates for your operating system, your browser. This closes the window of opportunity, hackers have to jump in and wreak havoc. Tip number two, use a VPN. You know what a VPN is a

Amber Fuchs 8:59
virtual private network. Yeah.

Jason Fuchs 9:02
It allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the internet VPN, they can be used to shield your browsing activity from prying eyes when you're on public Wi Fi, access home networks when traveling and protect your logins and questionable networks. Sound good?

Amber Fuchs 9:19
Yeah. Sounds important.

Jason Fuchs 9:20
Yeah. simple but important. Tip three, when in doubt, throw it out. Oh, it's probably the only one I'll remember. I like that one. Me too. You have any doubts about hyperlinks, attachments within emails, social media messages, toss them? Then what you want to do is research on the secure website of the company or the person who claimed to send it to determine whether or not it's legitimate. And I do this all the time. Yeah. Especially with phone calls. Yeah, you get a phone call saying hey, I'm blah, blah, blah from your bank. Which social what's your account number? Okay, buddy. I'll call you back.

Amber Fuchs 10:00
Right. Yeah, yeah, you're lucky or they're lucky if we even answer I don't even get that far.

Jason Fuchs 10:07
Yeah, sometimes they're tricky though they make it look like it's someone close to you. Yeah, yeah. Alright, step four, make your password secure your passwords, they should be long, and they should differ from account to account, they should be hard to guessed. Now, I think this speaks to me more than anyone. If your biggest problem is remembering them, start using passphrases or have a password manager, remember them for you. Now also, you can write them down by hand, keep them somewhere hidden in the house where, you know, virtually no one has access to

Amber Fuchs 10:39
Yeah, that works for me.

Jason Fuchs 10:40
Yeah, I use actually a password manager, but I change my password up regularly. So even though you're getting one password to everything, it's it's typically hard to get around. And that leads me to tip five, backup your data regularly. Now, this allows you to always have the ability to restore corrupted or lost data due to computer viruses or damage. And I know a lot of us are really excited about putting this data in the cloud. But it may be advantageous to actually store the data on an external local hard drives. That makes sense. Okay. Lastly, tip six, pretty short episode today. Protect having software security is key. enabling it to be auto updated is best. Whether it's on your smartphone, a gaming system or other web enabled devices, anything that connects to the internet needs protection. And don't forget, remember, everyone in your household needs some sort of cyber security attention, if you will, each family member should take the same precautions. So everyone is keeping their information safe. And that's something that we do at home, right? It is.

Amber Fuchs 11:50
Although jewel doesn't do that. Yeah, she's

Jason Fuchs 11:52
not there yet.

Amber Fuchs 11:53
No. Thankfully.

Jason Fuchs 11:57
Now ladies and gentlemen, if you want help with this, reach out to me, I encourage you to head to my website, www Sage path FA comm click the calendar link at the top of the page, request a complimentary meeting, we can review your overall financial plan or we can just talk about cybersecurity, whatever you need. Or if that doesn't work for you, email me or call me. I'd be happy to help. I think what we can do now, Amber is conclude with a little bit of q&a Sound good? Whoo. I

Unknown Speaker 12:23
love q&a. All right, let's

Jason Fuchs 12:25
get into it.

I received a question from a gentleman who had liked to remain anonymous. So we're gonna call him Joe.

Amber Fuchs 12:35

Jason Fuchs 12:36
Joe asks, How much do I need for retirement? This is a question I get fairly often. I think it's a great question, Joe. And thanks so much for submitting your question to us. It depends on a lot of variables, how old you are now how much if any, you've been saving in a retirement account how much you make per year, and how comfortable you want to be when you retire. There are a ton of retirement calculators out there that can give you a better idea of your personal situation. Now I have something similar I use with my clients. I call it a financial blueprint. And this is why Amber, it's so important to sit down with a financial advisor. There are just too many variables out there to give you a definitive answer, Joe. But as a general rule, I know you want to walk away with something right. I recommend always saving at least 20% of your income. Now, it's easy for me to say but keep going after raises and promotions whenever you can. That's pretty self explanatory. But all of that definitely adds up. So I hope this helps Joe. Ladies and gentlemen, please keep those questions coming. I'm really having a good time reading through these. You've got the email address the phone number if you don't have it, it's in the description of the podcast. So Amber, I think we can go ahead and close out today's episode. Now ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who aren't ready to sit down with me, just feel free to use me as a resource. Send me your email. I'll keep you updated on what my team and I think you should know. And as usual, I'm not fishing for anything Amber. But is there anything you'd like to add?

Amber Fuchs 14:09
No, I think today was super fun and helpful and I feel really prepared for cybersecurity. All right.

Jason Fuchs 14:17
So let's tackle that cybersecurity when we get home.

Amber Fuchs 14:19

Jason Fuchs 14:21
And to all of our listeners out there, thank you for sticking around. I appreciate all of you. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. part the disclosures, securities and investment advisory services offered through FSC securities Corporation member FINRA, SIPC FSC is a separately owned and maintained receiving and other entities and remarketing names, products or services referenced here are independent of FSC FSC does not provide legal or tax advice. Although the information has been gathered from sources believed to be reliable, it cannot be guaranteed the accuracy of the information should be independently verified. This material was created abroad in information on the subjects covered but should not be regarded as a complete analysis of those subjects. Please consult your financial professional for further information or reach out to me. This episode was sponsored by determine associates investment council Inc. Sage path financial advisors is located at 512 rows by lane, Neptune Beach, Florida. 32266. information from this episode was obtained through FMG suite suite, LLC.

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