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Fun Ways to Deliver Holiday Cheer!

Fun Ways to Deliver Holiday Cheer!

December 20, 2021

We are cruising full speed into the holidays! And during this festive time many people try to give back, pay it forward or simply extend good cheer. If this rings true for you this year, we thought we’d share some good deeds and random acts of kindness we love that take little effort but have a big impact. Below are ways to spread your message of gratitude and joy in the holidays, and even outside of them:

Pay it Forward. Make a stranger’s day by paying for the meal of the person in the car behind you in the drive through or next to you as you check out.

Use Amazon Smile for Shopping. Since just about everyone orders through Amazon, this is an easy way to give back! You simply sign-up with Amazon Smile and choose a charity. Then, every time you make a purchase through the shopping URL a portion of the dollar amount you spend will be donated to your charity.

Stock up on Gift Cards. Get a bunch of $5 or $10 gift cards for local restaurants and hand them out to people in need. This could get them a much-needed hot meal.

Thank our Military. Being away from family is especially hard during the holidays. Writing a thank you and happy holidays letter to a hero overseas is a great way to give back. You can get the kids involved by drawing pictures to send too.

Deliver Baked Goods. Double or triple your cookie, bread or sweet treat recipes this year. Then deliver the extras to organizations that have staff working on holidays; such as animal shelters, firehouses and police stations. Offer them best wishes and thank them for keeping your community safe.

Help Animals in Need. Local shelters have ways for families to get involved and it can be as simple as dropping off a basket of new toys you picked up while you were shopping. Shelters can also always use spare blankets, potty pads and kibble.

Go Christmas Caroling. Being confined to a bed can feel especially isolating during this time of year. Contact your local hospitals, senior homes or hospice centers to see if they’d allow a small group to come caroling through the halls to bring some welcomed cheer.

Teach kids about Giving. Each holiday give the children in your life a gift of a set amount of money that they must donate. Help them research charities that interest them and let them decide where they want the money to go. You might even be able to set up a day to go volunteer at your local chapter so they can see the direct impact of their giving.

If there’s something you do to give back during the holidays that could be added to this list, we’d love to hear about it!

Happy holidays!

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