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Fantasy Football Mastery, Tailgating Delights, and Financial Management Tips Transcript

Fantasy Football Mastery, Tailgating Delights, and Financial Management Tips Transcript

August 10, 2023

Are you ready to step up your fantasy football game and take your tailgating experience to the next level? Today's Dad Cents episode promises just that - and much more. Armed with our insider tips and tricks, you'll be ready to conquer your Fantasy Football league like a pro. We're also spicing things up with a delectable tailgate recipe to make your game day even more exciting. Plus, we're exploring a fun way to teach kids about budgeting using the snake draft format - guaranteed to make finance fun!

Start of Episode: 

Jason Fuchs:[00:00:00] Welcome to Dead Sense. I am your host. With me is the Amber of the Fukes, my lovely wife. How are you? I'm good. How are you? Super duper. Oh, thanks for coming. Thanks for having me. We got a great show. And ladies and gentlemen, did you know that 90% of Americans are anxious about money? But did you know that people who listen to Dad's Sense are three times happier?

Jason Fuchs: Than those who don't. Yes. Three times happier on dad's sense, we turn your financial frowns upside down and Dad's Sense offers valuable financial advice to help you reach your full potential. So keep listening and empower your finances today, ladies and gentlemen. And guess what? Not only am I the managing director of Sage Path, a financial advisor, but Amber, I'm also a dad. Yep, go figure. So I'm gonna share my [00:01:00] wins and struggles as a father too.

Jason Fuchs: Amber, you're always so kind to chime in. I kind of learned from your expertise as a mother, if you will. So ladies and gentlemen, enjoy this episode today, and if you want more, head over to sage path That is in the description of the podcast. By the way, thanks for being here. Ladies and gentlemen, we could not do this show without you.

Jason Fuchs: This is all about you today. We have a great episode. Amber, what do we participate in every fall with our friends and sometimes involve the kids Pumpkin patch? Yes. But what I'm referring to is more sports oriented. Oh. Um, let's see. Definitely sports and probably fantasy football. Yeah. Bingo. Fantasy football, a [00:02:00] compelling.

Jason Fuchs: Competitive game that allows you to be the owner, GM and coach of your very own football team. No pressure whatsoever. No responsibility whatsoever. Right? Yeah. I have a lot of perspectives on this one. I do too. But first you have to know the rules.

Jason Fuchs: With a web of complexities and endless customization options, the goal of winning. Can seem like a fantasy. See what I did there? Yeah, that's pretty good. But true. So in today's episode, I will share tips to consider before joining a league, and that is our quote unquote financial topic of today's episode.

Jason Fuchs: Nice. I like that. Yeah. I wanted to come off the radar a little bit. We've been talking a lot about finance. Last week we had the market update, so I wanna do something fun. Cool. I like that. Yeah, me too. We have a delicious recipe to share today. [00:03:00] Tailgating game day eats. Yes, please. I actually published this as a blog on our website, sage path

Jason Fuchs: So we're gonna talk about it today and we're gonna try some of these episodes when we fantasy football with our friends and hopefully have some people over. Awesome. But as always, I wanna know what's going on with you, what's on your mind, what's on your heart? It, this topic that you have today is ironic because I know you always ask me what I am excited about or you know, what are my, my thoughts of the week or the moment.

Jason Fuchs: And it's great sympa timing because I'm starting to get excited about fall. Me too. I mean, my favorite season. That's what I was really thinking about. That's fantastic. Yeah. And um, for my business, yellow luxury consignment, I am in the midst of planning our fall [00:04:00] photo shoot. Ooh. So that might have something to do with it.

Jason Fuchs: Why? It's like on my mind right now. Um, and I was also just, uh, a little bit earlier today. Looking up when the first day of fall actually is. 'cause it's still quite hot. Uhhuh. I mean, where we live is, is a little more unique, but we are still in the midst of summer and fall doesn't actually start until September 23rd.

Jason Fuchs: Oh, okay. So that, so we got a ways to go. It feels kinda far away, but. I think it's, some of it is we're in just so much heat and I know it's gonna break soon and I know that once we get into that fall season, I don't know, I'm just starting to like look forward to the fall. Cozies, there's a lot of things to celebrate in fall and Juul is gonna V P K in a couple weeks.

Jason Fuchs: I'm excited about that, but I also am trying to not think about it too in depth because it is very emotional. Mm-hmm. It's, it's a big step. It's exciting. She's evolving, she's growing, developing. Yeah, it's really [00:05:00] exciting. That's part of fall, like back to school, fall vibes.

Jason Fuchs: Mm-hmm. Jewel growing up.

Jason Fuchs: I'm looking forward to it. For us, nothing really changes. She still goes to the same place, but for her it's gonna be a lot different. It is. And I love how special her current daycare is making. The remainder of the summer. Miss Lulu, her teacher, hi Miss Lulu. She is doing all kinds of fun stuff for the kids.

Jason Fuchs: I'm just excited for all those things and how it all kind of flows into fall. And of course, you know what the big excitement for fall is for me.

Jason Fuchs: What's that? Pumpkin Spice latte, pumpkin spice latte. Maybe I can find a good syrup recipe to add to our lattes this year. Okay. That Starbucks, please don't sue me. Starbucks.

Jason Fuchs: The stuff Starbucks makes is really hard to find. Used to be able to get it on Amazon, but you can't [00:06:00] find it anymore. Yeah, the, the syrup for the pumpkin spice. Yeah, I'm sure I can figure something out. I would, I would enjoy that. 'cause I, I really love that and it's a little, it's sad that it's what I associate with fall.

Jason Fuchs: I love it so much. I wouldn't say sad. I think it's exciting. But I think that's a good time to transition into the food topic. What do you think? Yes. I wanna hear these tailgate recipes, please. Ladies and gentlemen, we're not gonna be talking about pumpkin spice lattes yet, but what we'll do is we'll talk a little bit of tailgate stuff, okay? All right, here we go.

Jason Fuchs: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, to the food topic of today's. Show tailgating, ladies and gentlemen. How many of you out there love to tailgate? Personally, Amber, I like sitting on the couch. I like sitting on our screen and [00:07:00] patio in the comfort of our home, watching the games, the bathroom's there. All the food I could possibly eat is there, and 8 million other things to keep me busy.

Jason Fuchs: Are also there. What do you think? Yeah, I like that too. However, I do love tailgate food. Me too. I have no, just be clear. I have problem cooking, tailgate food, but tailgating is such a fun American pastime. It's a great combo. You have grilled food, cold drinks, friends, fans, and your favorite team. All rolled into one awesome day.

Jason Fuchs: And I think that's my problem with tailgating the entire day. I wanna watch the game and move on with my life. Okay. I can't do the whole tailgating all day. Well, yeah. I mean, I, I do enjoy tailgating when it's that instance where it's before the game. Oh, and then you go watch the game and then go home.

Jason Fuchs:[00:08:00] Yeah. Be done. And, and also, I think the missing key element for me is having a location where we are close to home. Yeah. Yeah. Because I love like tailgating at Virginia Tech, but for us now it's quite far away. Yeah. One way in and one way out. Yeah. So one bridge in and one bridge out. But ladies and gentlemen, if you've never had a tailgate party, even if you have, it takes some planning know-how.

Jason Fuchs: And most importantly, Amber, I. Recipes. Yes. For me, there's no football without food. Oh, absolutely. I'm glad you agree. That's a non-sequitur. Now, ladies and gentlemen, to make your tailgate party memorable, think about your guest list, what types of food they'll enjoy the most.

Jason Fuchs: Is this a finger food crowd or are they cheering Go gourmet instead? I don't know about gourmet at a tailgate, but anyway, luckily for you ladies and gentlemen, [00:09:00] tailgate recipes are plentiful. You can find 'em all over the internet, and I have a few suggestions. Amber, I'd like to get into that. Now, what do you think sounds good to me.

Jason Fuchs: I like this one. There's a chain here in Jacksonville called Publix. Supermarket chain. They have an amazing collection of tailgate recipes. For example, potato skin bites and taco chicken roll-ups. Ooh. And they also have a ton of pre-made food too. Yeah. So if you're in a pinch, if you're going to visit somebody else's tailgate and just don't have the time, check out Publix, ladies and gentlemen.

Jason Fuchs: Number two, you can find classic easy recipes from all recipes. There's a recipe called Baked Hawaiian sandwiches and chicken nacho dip. Oh, yes, please. You know, I will be trying that this year. And lastly, ladies and gentlemen, if barbecue is more of your style, check out barbecue Bible for [00:10:00] standouts like beer, canned chicken and cheese, stuffed bacon wrapped.

Jason Fuchs: Jalapeno peppers. Okay. Yes. That will be happening as well. I'm going crazy with the grill during football season. Okay. Alright. You can always count on food and wine for some interesting ideas, like three cheese, queso, nachos and bacon. Bourbon brownies with pecans. I don't know if I need the nuts or the, the bourbon.

Jason Fuchs: You know how I am with dessert. That's at savoring the good. You can find taco egg rolls and Mexican corn dip. and finally, the folks over at Southern Living, they've pulled together their favorites like bacon wrap, smokies and bacon pimento guacamole. Okay. I hear bacon in a lot of these.

Jason Fuchs: I'm for it. Yeah. I think you can make anything taste good with bacon personally. Maybe we should just have a bacon tailgate, I guess. So we'll just grill a bunch of bacon and go crazy. Ladies and [00:11:00] gentlemen, is there anything on that list that I gave you that excites you? Or better yet, what recipes do you have?

Jason Fuchs: I want to try 'em, so please, please, please, please email us That email address is in the description of the podcast. And hey, if you have pictures of your tailgates or food appropriate pictures, send those to me as well and I'll post them on our social media. I. Oh, that'd be cool. I, I would love to hear from people if they have any dip recipes.

Jason Fuchs: You know, I love dip. Oh, I'm a big dip guy. I love, especially for tailgates, I love a good seven layer bean dip for some sort of, oh my goodness. That's my favorite bean dip. Publix has the best, in my opinion. I've tried to recreate that. I, I prefer homemade versions myself. I Okay. You're on that this year then?

Jason Fuchs: Yeah. I'm asking if your listeners can send us some recipes so Amber can make them, ladies and gentlemen, maybe no [00:12:00] pressure. You make a really good spinach artichoke dip that is really great for tailgates. That's gonna be, and we can feel good about it because I use light cream cheese. Mm-hmm. And it's spinach.

Jason Fuchs: It's very delicious. It is really good. So I, it's very Popeye ish. I would welcome a lot of dip recipes. I'm a dipper. A dipper. Yep. That could be taken many ways, tailgate different. I don't know if you want to tell people that I enjoy dipping in my food. Okay. I can get with that. You wanna jump into quote unquote finance now?

Jason Fuchs: Yes, please. I'm excited about this topic. It's gonna be fun. Okay. Alright, let's do it now.

Jason Fuchs: Here we go, finance. Here we go. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the quote unquote financial topic of today's episode. Fantasy football can be a ton of fun. But [00:13:00] it's a little overwhelming. I mean, think about it. You're the owner, you're the gm, you're the coach of your own football team, and if you don't know anything about football, let alone managing a team, it can be very, very, very overwhelming.

Jason Fuchs: So it's important to know the rules because it can be so complex and the customizations Amber can be endless. And the goal of winning, I'm gonna say this again, can seem like a fantasy. I. Maybe that's why they call it fantasy football or try hard football. So I've got some tips to consider before joining a league.

Jason Fuchs: What do you think? Okay. You ready? I'm ready. All right, let's jump into it. Tip number one, auction verse snake. Yes. Professional sports drafts, they use last season's record to determine which team picks first. The team with the worst record picks first ascending from there.

Jason Fuchs: That is [00:14:00] not the case. In fantasy football drafts tend to either be in snake or auction format in a snake draft.

Jason Fuchs: Teams pick and order, and this is how we do our draft, typically 1, 2, 3, 4, et cetera. Mm-hmm. Then once everyone's had a turn, it reverses 4, 3, 2, 1. Right. Get it? Yes. Snake in the auction format. There is no pick order. It's complete pandemonium. I've done this. Yeah. And it's fun. Those are much more fun in person versus online.

Jason Fuchs: Exactly. This is the stuff you see in movies with the giant boards. Right. And the Post-Its everyone. Every team has the same budget, and players are drafted by whoever bids the most. It's pretty cool, right? Yeah. You tend to see more diversified rosters on a snake draft where auctions are a complete free for all. It's madness. Yeah. Fantasy madness. And I mean, that can be fun in its own [00:15:00] right in that moment. Oh yeah. And we've never done one. And we've got kids in our fantasy football league, so I'm not sure if our group can handle that. Maybe some of the other groups I'm a part of. But every year one of the kids seems to win.

Jason Fuchs: So I'm not sure how responsible they'd be with a budget. I feel like I would have to hold a finance class for the kids to understand what a budget is, and then we'd get it. It, it would just be a very long afternoon. I mean, that would be kind of cool, but I, I don't think that the, the kids are winning in the snake draft format for any reason that they're controlling.

Jason Fuchs: I don't think so either. But it would be a great way, the auction format. To teach the kids about money. Mm-hmm. And it might be a little bit more exciting and we might be able to convince my brother Mike to cook us a bunch of food. Okay. Because he loves to cook when Cook and he's a great cook when come over cook.

Jason Fuchs: He's amazing. Yeah. Yeah. He could take anything from the fridge and come up with something crazy. It it, [00:16:00] it's amazing. It's a talent. Right now Juul calls dollars, money bucks. So clearly we need to work our way up to finance with Juul, but she's four, so I'm not gonna put that pressure on her. But ladies and gentlemen, regardless of the format, your strategy should be the same.

Jason Fuchs: Avoid overpaying. That's everything in life, right? Avoid overpaying. You don't want to draft a position or a player sooner than you should in a snake draft, and you don't wanna pay top dollar for someone who could be acquired maybe later for less than the auction in a draft. Does that make sense? Yep. So in other words, ladies and gentlemen, bargain bargain hunting usually pays off.

Jason Fuchs: And be sure you understand how points are tallied. For the different positions on the team. Yep. Okay, so that was tip one. Okay. Number [00:17:00] two, number of players. Mm-hmm. This is a big one. Fantasy football. It focuses mainly on offensive skill, position players. So we're talking quarterbacks, wide receivers.

Jason Fuchs: Check to see how many players you can draft at each position and how many you can start. Does that make sense? Yes. Also, check how many other teams you're competing against. Some leagues have as few as six teams and others can be as large as 12 or more. Whew, and I think ours is pretty big. It's over 10.

Jason Fuchs: Yeah. Well, it's grown over the years as the, the families have grown, and that matters because every team in the league reduces the number of top tier players you can expect to require. Right? So the more teams, the less top tier players. Yep. Think of it this way, ladies and gentlemen, there's a big difference between Patrick Mahomes and the 12th best quarterback, and that's who I'm going for this year.

Jason Fuchs: So I hope [00:18:00] none of our friends are listening to this podcast, but they should be. Uh, yeah. So maybe this is a, a lesson maybe that's sounded devious. I'm just kidding. All right, so tip three, standard versus p p r. Amber, do you know what P P R stands for? Not in the context of fantasy football points per reception.

Jason Fuchs: Yay. Acronyms. I love acronyms. So do we. In the finance world, fantasy football works by awarding points When N F L players do productive things in the game, duh. I'm just kidding. That's rude. This means a, a touchdown, a reception. Rushing yards. Even fumbles. They're assigned a point value.

Jason Fuchs: The scoring settings of the league impact your draft strategy. If your league uses standard scoring, consider prioritizing top tier running backs over wide receivers. That's because a great running back, someone that can [00:19:00] rush catch the ball doubles your opportunities to score points, right?

Jason Fuchs: Not many people know that, but it's very important. A wide receiver, on the other hand, is a more. One dimensional and thus less valuable player. Most folks actually think the opposite. I usually draft a running back first. Always. Oh yeah. Usually running my, I think my first three or four rounds of running backs.

Jason Fuchs: Then I usually go to quarterback, then wide receiver and such. Hmm. Something like that. My strategy's a little bit different, but close. They can just trick everybody maybe. Alright. P P, R, like I said, stands for points per reception. That means that a player is awarded a point when they successfully catch the ball, even if it results in a loss of yards.

Jason Fuchs: That makes sense. No, that's weird. Yeah, right. So top tier running backs, they're still a priority, but great wide receivers become a lot more valuable in P P R. Interesting. Yeah. So we'll have to figure out which one to do this year. Ladies [00:20:00] and gentlemen, look for wide receivers who make big plays and catch lots of balls in the season if you're going p p R.

Jason Fuchs: Okay? All right, so that was number three. Number four, pay for advice. Yes. Ladies and gentlemen, are you confused? It's okay. Fantasy football has its own language and nuances it can make for a steep learning curve. Fortunately, there are many sites online that offer advice on a draft season they can help with in-season management setting up a league.

Jason Fuchs: It's actually kind of like how my clients pay me to make them more money. Same thing. Mm-hmm. With fantasy football, except. Bragging rights in most cases, right? Not many people are winning much in fantasy football, but there are several reputable sites out there, football guys, roto Wire, ESPN [00:21:00] plus. Fantasy Pros.

Jason Fuchs: I use ESPN plus for the recommendations. Before I do, before we draft, I do all that research. I take notes. 'cause you know, I'm a huge nerd and I love data. Um, and that typically helps me. The articles, they're often free, that's what I use. But the draft and player scouting resources, they usually carry a subscription cost.

Jason Fuchs: We're not talking about breaking the bank, Amber. Mm-hmm. Good advice is worth paying for, man. I guess that's for the serious folks. Absolutely. So let's wrap this up. Ladies and gentlemen, do you wanna make sure your investment lineup is championship worthy?

Jason Fuchs: Schedule some time with our office. Review your portfolio. Ladies and gentlemen, as always, we're here to answer any questions you have. As always, we're here to act as your trusted resource. Thank you so [00:22:00] much for listening to the show today. I've got a question, Amber. I ask this every episode. Yeah. Ladies and gentlemen, do you know anyone like you who sometimes gets stuck navigating overwhelming financial decisions situations, or you know, anyone who could benefit from the info in Dad sense?

Jason Fuchs: If so, would you mind sharing this episode with that person or anyone else you think would enjoy it?

Jason Fuchs: We'd love to have more listeners just like you and I would be happy to return the favor. And if you're enjoying Dad's sense, the biggest compliments we ever get are honest reviews. And I mean that

Jason Fuchs: ladies and gentlemen, if you need help managing your financial affairs, We are accepting new clients. Head over to sage path and see what we're all about. No pressure of course, but we love to have more people just like you. You can also call or email us. That info is in the description of the podcast.

Jason Fuchs: Ladies and gentlemen, you're [00:23:00] amazing. I'm so happy that you're with us today. Thank you so much, Amber. I am even more thrilled that you're back with us. I'm thrilled to be here. Thank you. You're welcome. And ladies and gentlemen, we will see you next Thursday. That's right. New day. Remember next Thursday for a new episode of Dad Sense.

Jason Fuchs: Be well. Oh, oh, oh, hello. It's me, Santa Claus, otherwise known as Old Saint Sage. Jason has me on payroll so his three year old daughter can get all the hot toys ahead of schedule. I'm visiting from the North Pole so I can, we don't want regulators now to securities and investment advisory services offered through F S C Securities Corporation.

Jason Fuchs: F S C member Finra, S I P C F S C is separately owned in other entities that are marketing products or services referenced to our independent of F Ss C. Jason, [00:24:00] Amber, and Sage Financial Advisors are unaffiliated oh oh oh.

End of Episode.