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Fall Off the Bone Rib Recipe from Dad Cents Episode 5

Fall Off the Bone Rib Recipe from Dad Cents Episode 5

June 08, 2020
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This recipe was obtained through the Foodies group on Facebook:  


Rack of ribs...or 2....(pork)


Apple juice OR concentrate apple juice OR apple cider vinegar for your spray

BBQ sauce of choice for your slather

Coarse pepper

Kosher salt


Olive oil


Cut the ribs to your liking. If it has the top bones, I slice to rectangle and get rid of the small flat at the end of the small cut side.

Take the back strap off! If you are having trouble use a dry paper towel to grip the skin.

Dry rub that piece of meat to your liking. Start with olive oil so the rub will stick. I use about 70% Coarse pepper, 25% Kosher salt, and 5% paprika.


You need to make a type of juice to spray out of a bottle (Spritzer) consisting of apple juice or apple cider vinegar or even water.

Also you need a squirt bottle filled with about 1/2 BBQ sauce and 1/2 water or apple juice. They call this a slather. You can also use a mop or brush, but I prefer the slather.


Off set is key. If you don’t have an off set, a Weber slow and sear may work. Use Oak wood for the cook.


Get the grill up to 275 degrees and maintain that temp. Put the rack directly on the grill meat side up and furthest away from the fire with the thick side closest to the hot part of the grill.


At about the 2 hour range, start peeking at the rack and see if it has your desired bark. If so wrap it! We will use the Texas crutch (foil) - if not, leave it be.

Sometimes you can go a whole cook without wrapping, but I always wrap.

Before wrapping, squirt with bottle and use the slather. Slather the foil as well.

Wrap tightly with no holes in foil and put back on the grill meat side down this time and maintain the temp of 260 degrees (bring it down a notch) for about 2 more hours.

Pull off the grill, wrap in towel, and place in cooler to “rest” for 30 min or longer. 


I feel the middle of the rack when they are done.

Use “the bend” example: I focus on the middle as it’s the last place cooked. I know the outsides are good but the middle? That’s the focus for me. Another simple way is to try and twist the bone. If you can twist it’s done.