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Dive into Adventure: Fathering (and Mothering), Finances, and Far-flung Destinations TRANSCRIPT

Dive into Adventure: Fathering (and Mothering), Finances, and Far-flung Destinations TRANSCRIPT

July 25, 2023

[00:00:00] Jual Fuchs: Gentlemen come to that, a podcast of folks looking to expand the knowledge about finance. This podcast is hosted Jason.

[00:00:21] Jual Fuchs: Sage financial bikers and I love them. And now you host my daddy.

[00:00:29] Jason Fuchs: Thanks Jewel. You did such a great job. You ready to start the show? Yes.

[00:00:35] Jason Fuchs: Welcome to Dad Sense. I'm your host, Jason Fuchs. With me is the ever so beautiful Amber Fuchs. Hey Amber. Hello. Thanks for being here. Thanks for having me. We are happy to have you. Ladies and gentlemen, did you know that 90% of Americans are anxious about money, but did you know. People who listen to Dad Sense are three times [00:01:00] happier than those who don't.

[00:01:01] Jason Fuchs: Yep. On Dad Sense, we turn your finance frowns upside down and Dad Sense offers so much valuable advice to help you reach your full potential. Maybe I'm biased, Amber, because I am the host of the show, but what I'm trying to get at ladies and gentlemen, by listening to this podcast, we are giving you your own.

[00:01:22] Jason Fuchs: C F P designation, the highest possible certification and guidance from a team of financial experts. You get our 2 cents. Get it. Amber advice across all kinds of topics like investments, taxes, saving money, managing debt, and building income. Just to name a few. A building can't complete without a solid foundation.

[00:01:45] Jason Fuchs: So ladies and gentlemen, keep listening and empower your finances today. And guess what? Not only am I the managing director, financial advisor, but I'm also a dad. So I'll share my wins and struggles as a [00:02:00] father too, and I'm sure you will help me, Amber. I will do my best. So ladies and gentlemen, enjoy this episode today.

[00:02:08] Jason Fuchs: And if you want more, head over to our website, sage path or. Use whatever platform you're on right now. And by the way, ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for being here. We can't do the show without you. This show is for you. So we appreciate all of you today, Amber. We have a wonderful episode.

[00:02:31] Jason Fuchs: Okay? I've got a quote for you. Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Oh, I like that a lot. Who do you think said that? You, you'll never get it. One more guess. Elmo unknown.

[00:02:51] Amber Fuchs: So I could have been right

[00:02:52] Jason Fuchs: on both guesses. Actually. I flawed the centuries of honesty for everyone using that quote. 'cause someone could have stolen it. True [00:03:00] enough. I mean, maybe I should just say Jason Fuchs.

[00:03:02] Amber Fuchs: Well it is some, it does sound like something you would say on, that's

[00:03:06] Jason Fuchs: why I guessed to you, ladies and gentlemen.

[00:03:10] Jason Fuchs: Travel for you is less about escaping life and more about living it. Then consider the vacation ideas we'll discuss today. And that is our financial topic. Amber, we also have a delicious recipe. I want to share Jason's vinegar based mop sauce. Mop sauce. Mop sauce. Yeah. We're gonna clean some floors today.

[00:03:34] Jason Fuchs: Yay. No, it's for grilling. I'll explain what it means when we get to the recipe. I hope it's an acronym. You've actually had that mop sauce on some of our barbecue. Okay. Didn't even know it. But judging by the, the face of deliciousness. Wait. Judging by the look of deliciousness on your face, I think you liked it.

[00:03:55] Jason Fuchs: Okay. All right. Ladies and gentlemen, if you [00:04:00] are not using mop sauce for your grill and smoking meat, you might wanna try it. It'll kick up the flavor of all that you smoke, especially pulled pork and ribs. But it's great for chicken too. Amber. This is the time in the show where I ask you, what's getting you out of bed?

[00:04:20] Jason Fuchs: I know that answer, so I wanna know what is making you smile? What's making you feel? Happy and excited to be around these

[00:04:31] days,

[00:04:32] Amber Fuchs: getting me outta bed. I, the answer, you know is, is

[00:04:35] Jason Fuchs: coffee? No, it's our four year old daughter every day.

[00:04:42] Amber Fuchs: Yes, that too. That too. But I do

[00:04:44] Jason Fuchs: love coffee. Eventually she'll make that coffee for you, so when she wakes us up, she'll bring it to you.

[00:04:49] Amber Fuchs: She's getting really good already, which is pretty cool. She loves it too. I know. It's so fun. She's a little

[00:04:54] Jason Fuchs: helper.

[00:04:56] Amber Fuchs: So I think the things that are making [00:05:00] me smile, and I am happy about this these days.

[00:05:05] Amber Fuchs: Is really just trying to have gratitude for where

[00:05:07] Jason Fuchs: we're at. Yeah. Focusing on what we have, right? Yeah. Uhhuh, so I'm in that season two,

[00:05:12] Amber Fuchs: we, we've gotten the opportunity to take a few weekend trips. Nothing grand or grandiose by any stretch of the imagination, but we have gotten to get away. We've gotten to.

[00:05:23] Amber Fuchs: Connect with each other. We've gotten to reconnect with some old friends and, we're really enjoying the summer so far. Mm-hmm. But right now we've been thinking about the future a lot and I've been thinking about how JUUL is starting real school.

[00:05:41] Jason Fuchs: Before you get into that, I wanna say something about these trips that we've been taking.

[00:05:44] Jason Fuchs: Yeah. We are so distracted by all of the businesses that we own. We have three dogs, so there's little bodies moving everywhere and the dogs occasionally fall apart, so it requires a little bit more specialized attention. Yep. Like our, 15 year old Jack Russell, [00:06:00] Emma, yep. And a four year old asking question after question sometimes before we can even answer the previous question.

[00:06:08] Jason Fuchs: It is hard to focus on. Our family. Sometimes it's hard to pay attention, but what I loved about these trips that we were taking, I learned so much about you, about Juul, how you tick, how you feel about certain things. We have our evening time during the week, Monday and Tuesdays we have quality time together.

[00:06:29] Jason Fuchs: Mm-hmm. But when we're on vacation, we've released all of our stresses and we have the space to, to pay extra super mega attention. Yep. And I just love all the neat things that I learned about you and Juul, just hearing how JUUL thinks from you. I really enjoyed that.

[00:06:46] Amber Fuchs: It was really wonderful to truly disconnect, although both of us did bring our computers and phones in case of for movies in, well, in case of, in case of true emergencies.

[00:06:58] Amber Fuchs: Yeah, that's true. And you know, [00:07:00] fortunately, nothing like that came up. But we do feel a great sense of responsibility to the work that we do. Mm-hmm. And wanna be accessible if necessary. Fortunately we didn't have to be. So even though technically we were tied, we were disconnected. Mm-hmm. and that opened a lot of space for all of us to connect to each other

[00:07:23] Amber Fuchs: You were talking about travel is something that you're gonna be focusing on later in the episode. And that's something that is really valuable to both you and I. Yeah, and I think that's also part of why this was so significant is we haven't had the space to travel in a really long time.

[00:07:41] Amber Fuchs: Long time, long time. And even these trips that we took were extremely brief. Mm-hmm. However, it was just most necessary.

[00:07:48] Jason Fuchs: Typically when we travel, it's all, it's usually work related.

[00:07:51] Amber Fuchs: And I think that has been the, where I'm at right now is trying to focus on what we have, focus on what, [00:08:00] where we are together.

[00:08:01] Amber Fuchs: Mm-hmm. Stay focused on the gratitude

[00:08:03] Jason Fuchs: well, is there one thing that in two to three sentences you can express gratitude for? I'll go first. Okay. How about that? I'll give you an example. Okay. I am incredibly grateful for your patience with me and your grace with me. I have come to you with some pretty big ideas lately and you've been overwhelmed, and for that I apologize.

[00:08:26] Jason Fuchs: I love how supportive you are though you. Are giving me the space, the ability to pursue, to explore these ventures. And I have accepted and admitted that, hey, if they don't work out fine, let's pursue another option. So thank you very much for that. You're welcome.

[00:08:44] Amber Fuchs: I think I'm grateful for you and Jewel are family, how much you guys pour and show your love.

[00:08:53] Amber Fuchs: For me and the community that we have found here in Neptune

[00:08:58] Jason Fuchs: Beach, it's a beautiful

[00:08:59] Amber Fuchs: community. [00:09:00] I, I just remember when recently our dog, Luna was missing for a hot second. Mm-hmm. Pretty much everyone that we knew, and even people we didn't know within. A few block radius.

[00:09:15] Amber Fuchs: Mm-hmm. Hopped in their cars to go help look for her. Started spreading the word. It was pretty incredible. Went on foot, went on bike. Yeah. Yeah. I was shocked when, you were out looking for her. I stayed home to see if I could, if she happened to come home and people came by our driveway. I didn't even know.

[00:09:34] Amber Fuchs: Yeah.

[00:09:34] Jason Fuchs: It was really neat. It was really phenomenal. It was really heartwarming. So if you're listening, we appreciate you. Thank you so much.

[00:09:39] Jason Fuchs: I love it. And you know what else? I love Nom sauce. You wanna jump into it now? Yes. All right, ladies and gentlemen, let's talk about mop sauce. Here we go. [00:10:00] And welcome back to the. Food portion of today's show. What is mop sauce? Well, Amber, I'm so glad you asked. Mop sauce, it's a vinegar based barbecue sauce. It's very, very thin, so not typically thick like you would. Normal barbecue sauce. It's spiced with salt, black pepper. Maybe you put some red pepper in it.

[00:10:25] Jason Fuchs: So it's what folks would consider a Carolina style sauce. And we are all about the Carolinas and the fuss household, right? Amber? We are, yes. We live in Florida, but we love the Carolinas. Love Carolina barbecue. That's all I cook. Mm-hmm. This sauce, it's used to base meat on the grill and on on a larger scale too. It provides flavor, it provides moisture at the end of cooking a whole hog. Et cetera. Not that I've ever tried to actually cook a whole hog, mostly pork butt. So how exactly is mop sauce used? Amber, you [00:11:00] asked the greatest questions on this show.

[00:11:02] Jason Fuchs: Thank you. You're welcome. So in most applications what you do, you simply based your choice of meats, periodically during the cook. For quicker things like steak, chicken, you wanna hit them on the turns as you're flipping the cuts. For longer cooks, we're talking ribs, pork butt. You wanna use the mop occasionally throughout the time on the grill.

[00:11:24] Jason Fuchs: But another question, won't your ribs become soggy? Amber, all these great questions coming outta you today using mop. It's not going to make your ribs soggy. In fact, the sauce will actually attract smoke to the meat. That gives them a smokier flavor in less time. I used this on the last pork butt I roasted, I had a couple other tricks I used.

[00:11:49] Jason Fuchs: How did it taste? It was amazing. It was really, really good. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. And ladies and gentlemen, if you're grilling your ribs low and slow as you should be, [00:12:00] a mop will help keep the ribs from drying out. I've used this one many, many times, mostly on pork.

[00:12:07] Jason Fuchs: I used it on ribs, I've used it on chicken once, but I didn't do it right. I ran out of ingredients so it didn't taste very good. But it sounds like you enjoyed it. Oh yeah.

[00:12:18] Amber Fuchs: It was. If that's what you did on the last one, it was

[00:12:20] Jason Fuchs: amazing. And I think I might do it again this weekend 'cause we, I've got a friend coming in town, his name's Jamon.

[00:12:27] Jason Fuchs: Pretty excited about Jamon coming into town actually. Yeah. Yeah. That's gonna be awesome. It'll be tons of fun. Jamon and I grew up together. I met Jamon in seventh grade and we've been friends ever since. Jamon and I have always been friends, but we're not as close as Mike and I, the group.

[00:12:41] Jason Fuchs: There were a few of us, Mike Jamon and I were the closest, right. But over the years, let's call it the last 10 years, Jamon and I have actually gotten closer because religion has become more important to me. I stopped drinking 10 years ago. Guess what? Jamon did? No drinking. He pursued religion pretty intensely.

[00:12:58] Jason Fuchs: Got married, had a baby. [00:13:00] Guess what I did. Got married and had a baby. So I feel like Jamon and I have been connecting so much over this past decade. Mm-hmm. And the least I could do is feed the man. So it probably do something involving the mop sauce this weekend. What do you think?

[00:13:14] Amber Fuchs: That sounds great. I still have to know if MOP is an

[00:13:17] Jason Fuchs: acronym.

[00:13:19] Jason Fuchs: More options, please. My original no mop sauce because you put it on like a mop. My

[00:13:26] Amber Fuchs: original. Is there a sauce word that starts with a P? Pretty, my original pretty sauce.

[00:13:35] Jason Fuchs: Mop sauce is a pretty common term in the barbecue world. Okay. They literally take a a brush. In some cases it looks like a mop, and you just brush it over the meat.

[00:13:44] Jason Fuchs: Hence mop sauce. But you think about it. We can call it whatever you want. I, I'm gonna, I feel very much under pressure right now though, and I don't think this is what our audience came here for.

[00:13:54] Amber Fuchs: Well, I think a lot of people out there might have wondered if [00:14:00] MOP

[00:14:00] Jason Fuchs: was an acronym. I bet they do, but I don't think they wanna wait while we figure it out.

[00:14:03] Jason Fuchs: What do you think? Well, I mean, if it's not, it's not. Maybe if I play some music. Hold on. Okay.

[00:14:07] Jason Fuchs: Oh, here we go. Here. This will give you motivation.

[00:14:14] Jason Fuchs: Mobb sauce. No, that's good. All right, we've digressed enough. Let's jump into the financial topic. What do you think? Sounds good.

[00:14:22] Jason Fuchs: All right, here we go.

[00:14:33] Jason Fuchs: Hey. Hey, ladies and gentlemen, we are in the financial topic of today's episode. Today's episode, best Vacations by car, by ship, by foot, once in a lifetime. Ooh, ooh, I pulled all of this from Travel Goal. That's G o a l We talked about this earlier. Amber travel for some of us, is less about escaping life. It's more about living it, being present, being [00:15:00] grateful for the things that we have.

[00:15:02] Jason Fuchs: If that's you, ladies and gentlemen, then you might wanna consider these ideas. I've got a few of them. We're gonna call these by car, by ship, and by foot. And then we'll conclude with Once in a Lifetime. What do you think?

[00:15:15] Amber Fuchs: Sounds great. Alright, I'm in for all of

[00:15:17] Jason Fuchs: them. All right, here we go. Ladies and gentlemen.

[00:15:22] Jason Fuchs: Drum roll. Bye, car. Now these are gonna blow your minds, so this is not like going down the street to Jacksonville Beach or driving four hours to Siesta Key. These are living life type of things. Okay. You can show you're ready for this. Yes. Okay. Bye. Car, the east coast of Australia.

[00:15:46] Amber Fuchs: Uh uh, how is that? By

[00:15:48] Jason Fuchs: car?

[00:15:49] Jason Fuchs: There may be no better way to experience the amazing content of Australia than by driving along its East [00:16:00] coast. It stretches from Melbourne in the south to Cairns in the north, and it is beautiful, but it's not just about the drive. The drive is 2,500 miles. But it carries you through amazing, amazing sites.

[00:16:19] Jason Fuchs: Okay, let's go. Rainforest Cities, mountains, the Outback with the blue waters as your constant companion. Okay, so think about that. You've got the ocean to your left, to your right, as you're driving through Rainforest Mountains, the Outback. I mean, that's incredible, right? Yes. But be sure to carve out time for the Great Barrier Reef Snorkeling.

[00:16:41] Jason Fuchs: Kayaking. I. Hiking along the way. There's all sorts of stuff to do. Awesome. Sounds pretty neat, doesn't it? Yes. Alright, so that was by car. I'm in. Let's talk about by ship. Okay. The Northwest Passage, for hundreds of years, explorers tried and failed to [00:17:00] find what is known as the fabled Northwest passage Travelers.

[00:17:04] Jason Fuchs: They can now discover what alluded so many brave adventurers. Begin your journey in Greenland. Sell past its fjords and you're on your way. As you penetrate deep into the Arctic, you'll scrape against icebergs. You'll marvel at the harshness, the sublime beauty at the top of the world. Absolutely incredible.

[00:17:26] Jason Fuchs: But it's not just ice. You can see the remains of explorations that came well before you. There are plenty of polar bears that call it their home. Ooh. So, unlike what Jules said the other day in the car about polar bears in Florida, I don't, I think they're in the Arctic. That sounds awesome. Sounds pretty neat, doesn't it?

[00:17:48] Jason Fuchs: Woo. Yes, I would love that. All right. Bye. Foot camino, de Santiago, Spain. Sometimes adventure is a journey to [00:18:00] discover ourselves. That's what we talked about. The last trip we took, I think I'm starting to discover more and more of myself, but that medieval pilgrimage through France, Spain, Portugal, to the Cathedral of Santiago, they Compostela in northwest Spain can take you weeks, even months. So this one might be for retirement Travelers, they can recover from a day's walk at one of the 300 local spots that offer food drink A clean place to sleep. They're sort of like hostiles. Yeah. That's mini hotels, if you will. Okay. It's a mystical experience. It gives you time to reflect on life, learn about yourself, and connect with kindred spirits. Okay. Pretty deep, huh? I love it.

[00:18:43] Jason Fuchs: Alright. Once in a lifetime. You ready? Yes. Botswana Africa. Ooh. Yeah. One of the most sparsely populated nations on earth. Botswana is dominated by the Kalahari Desert [00:19:00] and the Oka VGO Delta, the world's largest inland Delta, and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Oka vgo is the ideal spot to safari. Okay. Pretty neat, huh? Yeah. I would love to go on a safari.

[00:19:14] Jason Fuchs: Its waters attract all kinds of wildlife that is unmatched on the continent. I get it because some of that stuff we watched on Discovery Channel and even Disney. Mm-hmm. Amazing. Amazing. That show where they take night and make a day crazy. I know, right? Blew my mind. I love that the country's focus on minimizing human impact.

[00:19:37] Jason Fuchs: It means your African experience will be both primal. Transcend it. Ooh, la la. So you're not gonna be walking around drinking lattes. Okay. But plenty of naps. Okay.

[00:19:50] Jason Fuchs: Before we move on from today's episode, I actually have other destinations that are a little bit more practical. I wanted to share, I get that these destinations I've shared today are [00:20:00] life changing. But some of our listeners might be thinking, okay, that's great, but how do I warm up to these things?

[00:20:05] Jason Fuchs: Right? So that's what I'm gonna get into now. Real quick.

[00:20:07] Jason Fuchs: I was looking for certain information for today's podcast. Amber and I stumbled on a really cool article in Travel and Leisure. It talks about all of the cool places to visit.

[00:20:19] Jason Fuchs: It actually sections them off by continent. Oh, okay. So I've given some pretty wild destinations, some pretty elaborate trips. What I wanna do is bring it ground level and just mention a few destinations in the US our listeners might like. What do you think? Cool. All right. I'm gonna go through these pretty quick 'cause we've already covered the, the material I wanted to get into.

[00:20:39] Jason Fuchs: But we'll go through these together. Denali National Park, Alaska. So Alaska is the perfect place for fans of mild summers. Instead of sweating it out, head to Denali National Park. And that sounds amazing because Jacksonville, Florida is so hot. So hot. [00:21:00] Right now I'm melting like a stick of butter. All right.

[00:21:03] Jason Fuchs: San Francisco, California. I'm not even gonna, it's San Francisco, we know. Yeah, it's awesome. Love it. North Cascades National Park in Washington. It's a quick cool getaway from Seattle. It's about two hours away. Snow only just melts from the highest elevation trails by July. So this is the time when you get the most access to the park.

[00:21:27] Jason Fuchs: So now is actually a perfect time to go. Neat. White Mountains, New Hampshire. New Hampshire's white mountains, they're comprised of stunning alpines peaks cloaked. In forest, we're talking green everywhere, beautiful lakes. The higher you go, the cooler it will be. Low elevations get temperatures like low to mid seventies and sometimes higher.

[00:21:54] Jason Fuchs: But man, that sounds fantastic, doesn't it? Yeah. Well, that's the last one. Okay. All [00:22:00] right. Just like that. That's good for now. Let's wrap this up, ladies and gentlemen. I get it. These destinations I mentioned, with the exception of the US destinations, of course, they're a bit off the grid, but that is the point I'm trying to give you ideas outside of the typical norm ideas that you can escape.

[00:22:18] Jason Fuchs: Learn more about yourself, learn more about the people you love. If you'd like more local practical ideas, email me. Call me. I do have a list of places that I wanna see that are local and that are actually practical and not gonna break the bank. And I think ladies and gentlemen, you'll find those helpful.

[00:22:36] Jason Fuchs: As always, we are here to act as your trusted resource. Thank you so much for listening to today's show. Do you know anyone who sometimes gets stuck navigating overwhelming financial situations or. Maybe who could benefit from the info on dads sense. Ladies and gentlemen, if you do, would you please share this episode with that person or [00:23:00] anyone you think would enjoy it?

[00:23:01] Jason Fuchs: We would love to have more listeners just like you. And if you're enjoying Dads sense, the biggest compliments we ever get are honest reviews if you left us a review. Thank you so much. We appreciate you. And if you haven't, would you mind leaving one? And if that review isn't positive, let us know what we should do to improve it. We read all of those reviews, so again, thank you so much.

[00:23:23] Jason Fuchs: Ladies and gentlemen, if you need help managing your financial affairs, we are accepting new clients. Head to sage path to see what we're all about. You can also call us or email us. All of that info is in the description of the podcast. Wow. Amber, you're wonderful as always. Aw, thanks. Thanks for being here.

[00:23:43] Jason Fuchs: I loved being here. I loved you. I love you too. And ladies and gentlemen, we appreciate all of you as well. Make it a great day. We'll see you next week for a new episode of Dad Sense. Bye. Oh, oh oh. Hello. [00:24:00] It's me, Chad, otherwise known as Old Safe Sage. Jason has. So does three year old daughter. We get all the hot toys ahead of schedule.

[00:24:11] Jason Fuchs: I'm visiting from the North Pole so I can read the disclosures. We don't want to irritate regulators now do securities and investment advisory services offered through F S C Securities Corporation. F S C Member finra, S I P C. Fs is separately owned in other entities and marketing names, services.

[00:24:38] Jason Fuchs: Math financial.