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Dad Cents Transcript - Unlocking Longevity: The Surprising Impact of Hobbies on Health & Happiness

July 05, 2023

[00:00:00] Jual Fuchs: Gentlemen come to that, a podcast of folks looking to expand the knowledge about finance. This podcast is hosted Jason.

[00:00:21] Jual Fuchs: Sage financial bikers and I love them. And now you host my daddy.

[00:00:29] Jason Fuchs: Thanks Jewel. You did such a great job. You ready to start the show? Yes. Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Dad Sense. I'm your host, Jason Fuchs. With me is the ever so beautiful Amber Fuchs. Hello? Hey. Hey girl. Hey. Or what did I say the other day when you were on Instagram?

[00:00:48] Jason Fuchs: What's up girl? I don't remember. Yesterday during your live event. Oh yeah. Nobody got it but you, yeah. That's all that mattered though, right? Absolutely.

[00:00:59] Jason Fuchs: [00:01:00] Ladies and gentlemen, did you know that 90% of Americans are anxious about money? But did you know that people who listen to Dad's Sense are three times happier than those who don't?

[00:01:11] Jason Fuchs: I know you are Amber, right? Yes. But you're kind of forced to listen cuz you're here already. Well,

[00:01:18] Amber Fuchs: I listened to the episodes even when I wasn't on them.

[00:01:21] Jason Fuchs: How would you measure your happiness? Three times happier. Perfect. The research worked. Yep. Ladies and gentlemen, on Dads Sense, we turn your financial frowns upside down and Dads Sense offers valuable financial advice to help you reach your full potential.

[00:01:37] Jason Fuchs: Ladies and gentlemen, by listening to this podcast, we're giving you your own C F P designation, the highest possible certification. And guidance from a team of financial experts. You get our 2 cents. Get it Amber advice. Mm-hmm. Across investments, taxes, saving money, managing debt, and building income to name a few.

[00:01:58] Jason Fuchs: A building can't complete [00:02:00] without a solid foundation. So ladies and gentlemen, keep listening and empower your finances today. And guess what? Not only am I a financial advisor, but I'm also a dad. So I'll share my wins and struggles as a father too. And I'm fortunate enough to have you here to help me, Amber, so enjoy this episode today.

[00:02:21] Jason Fuchs: And if you want more, head over to sage path It's in the description of the podcast in case you are forgetful like me. And by the way, thank you for being here. Ladies and gentlemen, we could not do this show without you. And that goes for you too, Amber.

[00:02:37] Amber Fuchs: Well, thank you for

[00:02:38] Jason Fuchs: having me here. I You're welcome.

[00:02:40] Jason Fuchs: I love that you're here. I don't wanna do this show but myself ever again. Last week when I had to rerecord that intro, it was kind of depressing. We had such a great conversation leading up to that, and I'm disappointed we lost all of it. Well, that's

[00:02:55] Amber Fuchs: okay. Technical difficulties

[00:02:57] Jason Fuchs: will happen. It happens.

[00:02:58] Jason Fuchs: But ladies and gentlemen, we're not [00:03:00] just gonna talk about it. We're gonna be about it. Yes. So we'll do that again today, right? We can try. We have a great episode. Amber? Did you know that hobbies can help you live a longer and more fulfilled life?

[00:03:15] Amber Fuchs: I did not know that, but it makes sense. It

[00:03:18] Jason Fuchs: does make sense. I mean, I don't know anything about that. Right. With my new hobby.

[00:03:25] Jason Fuchs: Many scientific studies have found that having a hobby can improve your physical, your mental health. Keep you sharp on the job and help your relationships, and that's what we want. Right? Yeah. That's interesting. And I agree a hundred percent. I went skydiving last Sunday. Thank you, Amber. I could not have done that without you.

[00:03:45] Jason Fuchs: It was your idea actually. I think. Yes, but I think you could sense a little bit of stress in me and skydiving is one of those hobbies I have that releases so much stress. Just the pure freedom is what I strive for, [00:04:00] not the adrenaline. Mm-hmm. And two weeks in skydiving, I was getting a little wound up, for lack of a better word, and after my first jump Sunday, I felt like all my stresses just washed away.

[00:04:13] Jason Fuchs: Yep. But ladies and gentlemen, don't just take our word for it and that's what we're gonna talk about today. Unlocking longevity, the surprising impact of hobbies on health and happiness.

[00:04:26] Jason Fuchs: That sounds cool. This is gonna be a fun one. Yeah, I like it. And I wanna talk about your hobbies too, I'm sure our listeners wanna hear. Okay. So no recipe this week. We talked about a recipe last week. Even though I was tempted to share some 4th of July pie recipes, however, this episode won't be released in time.

[00:04:45] Jason Fuchs: So yeah, maybe we'll just, I'll just make those pie recipes. Well, you could talk about '

[00:04:49] Amber Fuchs: em after the

[00:04:50] Jason Fuchs: fourth. Yeah, that's true too. Yep. Yeah, good point. You're the smart one. Why? Well, you should be doing this podcast. Well, I'm here. That's true. [00:05:00] All right. I ask you this every episode, what gets you out of bed every morning, but what is exciting you this week?

[00:05:07] Jason Fuchs: What are you most looking forward to

[00:05:09] Amber Fuchs: Getting ready to do some traveling soon.

[00:05:12] Amber Fuchs: I'm so excited. I'm so excited. And it's something that not only with Covid but with a variety of life changes and a variety of different things that we have going on, we haven't really been traveling very much recently. It's definitely not as much as we have in the past,

[00:05:29] Jason Fuchs: and I miss it. We so much.

[00:05:32] Amber Fuchs: It really struck me how long it's been since we've traveled.

[00:05:36] Amber Fuchs: And, interestingly timing wise, we decided to go ahead and take an extended weekend. So we're not really taking a full week. I don't think we're really there quite yet.

[00:05:45] Jason Fuchs: Maybe later this year. Yeah, maybe later this year.

[00:05:47] Jason Fuchs: Costa Rica. I don't

[00:05:48] Amber Fuchs: know. Yeah, we'll see. But we are taking an extended weekend here soon to one of our favorite destinations. That's a drivable

[00:05:56] Jason Fuchs: distance. I'm so excited. Yeah. We're

[00:05:58] Amber Fuchs: gonna be going down to [00:06:00] Siesta Key in the month of July. So that's coming up soon and I'm really excited about that.

[00:06:05] Jason Fuchs: Yeah. One of our favorite places in Florida. Yeah. Beautiful White sand and no exaggeration, ladies and gentlemen. When you walk on this stuff, it feels like you're walking on silk.

[00:06:15] Jason Fuchs: Yeah. It's wild how different the sand is compared to other beaches we've been to. Yeah. It's so soft and fluffy. Any, are you so fluffy? Joel says that to me sometimes. What I love is the water. Yeah. Beautiful blue turquoise water you could see all the way down. Mm-hmm. My only distress is there's not much of a tide, which is great for Juul.

[00:06:39] Jason Fuchs: Yes. You can play in the water. We can go out pretty far, and the water's super warm since it's coming from the Gulf. Mm-hmm. It just can't surf. Yeah. So no boogie boarding either. Yeah. So

[00:06:48] Amber Fuchs: like you said, it, it is on the Gulf, so it's on the west coast of Florida. And it is great for Juul and I think it's gonna be really cool because she's really starting to do so well with her swimming.

[00:06:59] Amber Fuchs: [00:07:00] Oh

[00:07:00] Jason Fuchs: yeah, she's swimming like a nut and so it's gonna be not swim apparently. Maybe that wasn't the best metaphor to use. Like a fish, maybe simile a mono, maybe a dolphin. I'm a numbers guy, right?

[00:07:12] Amber Fuchs: But I'm excited cuz I think, you know, we get, we can walk so far out. Oh yeah. And, and it doesn't have a big drop off, or anything like that.

[00:07:22] Amber Fuchs: So I think that's gonna be great for Juul and her swimming and I'm just so excited for so many different reasons. Yeah. And

[00:07:28] Jason Fuchs: ladies and gentlemen, my only complaint is no Tide. I mean, if that is my only complaint is gonna be a fantastic weekend. Yeah. And I wouldn't even call it a complaint. I like, like I wanna surf when I'm on vacation anyway.

[00:07:40] Jason Fuchs: Well,

[00:07:40] Amber Fuchs: and we, we've really gotten to know the area even though we haven't been in a while. there's a location that we always really like to go to and we're actually trying something somewhat new. We're staying like two blocks up the street from where we would normally stay when we've

[00:07:55] Jason Fuchs: been there.

[00:07:56] Jason Fuchs: It's, there's walking distance to everything though. It's one of the things I love about it. That's one of the

[00:07:59] Amber Fuchs: things we love. So [00:08:00] we're gonna be. Walking distance to the beach, walking distance to their little quote unquote downtown area where there's shops and restaurants. Yeah, and a grocery store and great food.

[00:08:11] Amber Fuchs: A lot of different options. All in one tiny little area that we can walk to. So once we get there, we're like cars free. Fun time only, and I think it's gonna

[00:08:22] Jason Fuchs: be great. And a few days is enough where we can just enjoy ourselves. We don't have to worry about meals or feeding ourselves grocery shopping. I mean, we'll just eat out the entire time.

[00:08:32] Jason Fuchs: Yeah. Well have some snacks at the

[00:08:33] Amber Fuchs: house. One of the nice things though too, is there's a really nice grocery store there. There

[00:08:38] Jason Fuchs: is, yeah. There's a good seafood market too. Mm-hmm. So

[00:08:41] Amber Fuchs: we could, you know, maybe one day go out to eat the next day, pick up something from the grocery store.

[00:08:47] Jason Fuchs: We have options. Oh, that market.

[00:08:48] Jason Fuchs: Yeah. Yeah, you're right. Yeah. That food is wonderful. The food is, they have a nice, especially desserts that cookies,

[00:08:54] Amber Fuchs: they have a nice dessert section. They have a nice prepared food section. Yeah. So even if you don't wanna like [00:09:00] actually make a meal, we can just pick something up from there. And. Not have to go through the process of eating in a restaurant with a toddler.

[00:09:07] Amber Fuchs: Mm-hmm. Yep. Which can be

[00:09:08] Jason Fuchs: enjoyable too. Well, I think we should probably get into what our listeners came for, the financial topic of today's episode.

[00:09:16] Jason Fuchs: What do you think? I guess so. All right. Let's get into our financial topic now. Okay. So.

[00:09:31] Jason Fuchs: And we're back. Thank you ladies and gentlemen, for joining us for the financial portion of today's episode. Hobbies, Amber. That's what we're gonna be talking about today. Okay. And I said this earlier in the show. Hobbies can help you live a longer and more fulfilled life. There have been tons of scientific studies out there that have found a hobby can improve physical, mental, keep you sharp at the [00:10:00] job, help your relationships.

[00:10:02] Jason Fuchs: I mean skydiving, so what we'll do is I'll give you a few examples that explain the benefits of having a hobby. You ready, Amber? Yep, I'm ready. And these are for retirement and pre-retirement. So you can do these before you retire and after, or when you're in retirement. So it applies to everybody.

[00:10:20] Jason Fuchs: Yes.

[00:10:21] Jason Fuchs: All right. Before we get into the topic, I want our listeners to know what your go-to hobby is. Amber.

[00:10:27] Amber Fuchs: Sure I love to go running.

[00:10:30] Jason Fuchs: Mm-hmm. We, you run like a wild gazelle and that is a

[00:10:34] Amber Fuchs: compliment.

[00:10:34] Amber Fuchs: Thank you. Not, not so much anymore. My pace has slowed down significantly with age as only is appropriate. And also with my, I still spring chicken and also with my availability and time commitment to my actual hobby. But I do love running. It clears my mind. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. It also gives me something to strive for cuz usually when I'm running, I'm prepping for a [00:11:00] race.

[00:11:00] Amber Fuchs: Oh yeah. that get gets me very motivated. So running is my primary hobby. I have a few, but that's my primary hobby.

[00:11:08] Jason Fuchs: Well, thanks for sharing. Sure. Ladies and gentlemen, I'd love to know what your hobbies are. I get emails all the time about kids, grandkids, but let us know what your hobbies are. I'd be curious to know what you all are doing.

[00:11:20] Amber Fuchs: I'm gonna be curious to see what

[00:11:22] Jason Fuchs: Jules ends up being.

[00:11:23] Jason Fuchs: I know. Me too. She's into so much right now and it changes so frequently. I mean, she's only four, so I'm not criticizing her, but it'll be cool to see what she's really into. Yeah. I hope she gets into swimming

[00:11:33] Jason Fuchs: well, let's get into it. How about that? Okay.

[00:11:35] Jason Fuchs: All right, here we go. Hobbies, improve physical and mental health. You don't have to start skydiving. You don't have to start running to have a new hobby.

[00:11:45] Jason Fuchs: There was a study done by the National Institute of Health, N I H, and that study found that people who engage in leisure activities tend to be healthier overall with lower blood pressure, cortisol, waist circumference. And body [00:12:00] mass index. Streaming Netflix for five days straight while eating Oreo cupcakes does not count.

[00:12:06] Jason Fuchs: Amber? Yes, that's not really a hobby. That's too leisurely. Sounds awesome. Maybe one day, I don't know, five days. Staring at a TV would be terrible. We're talking, walking, hiking, traveling, surfing, golf, even chores around the house. Cleaning the kitchen is so therapeutic to me. I mean, don't get me wrong, I could find many other hobbies to substitute cleaning the kitchen, but I do find it incredibly therapeutic and I get a little bit of a workout while I'm doing it.

[00:12:36] Jason Fuchs: Mm-hmm. Clinical research also finds that hobbies, they can improve mental health by lowering heart rate, reducing stress, anxiety. Negative moods. When I get irritated or frustrated, I notice that I go clean something. So like I said, the twice a day cleaning of the kitchen is incredibly therapeutic to me.

[00:12:57] Jason Fuchs: When Jules of age, though, I hope to [00:13:00] substitute that with other activities she can take.

[00:13:02] Amber Fuchs: Yeah. I, I do love going for a walk with Juul and smelling flowers. That's fun. I enjoy that too. Smelling flowers is, does that count as a

[00:13:10] Jason Fuchs: hobby? It does. Remember I tried to get you to smell flowers when I proposed to you?

[00:13:14] Jason Fuchs: Yes, I do. It didn't work. It was too hot. Anyway. All right. Next up. Hobbies can help you perform better at work. another study conducted on employees correlates creativity with mastery control, relaxation, and job performance related outcomes. The results showed that companies might benefit.

[00:13:35] Jason Fuchs: From encouraging their employees to consider creative activities or engaging in a hobby to maybe recharge from the workday.

[00:13:43] Jason Fuchs: All right, next up. I like this one. Balancing hobbies and work are critical to you and your relationship. I need skydiving. I need the freedom, not the adrenaline. The freedom of skydiving is what I need. And you need the freedom of running. Yes. And that goal [00:14:00] that you wanna strive for when you're practicing.

[00:14:02] Jason Fuchs: Gearing up for a race.

[00:14:03] Amber Fuchs: Yes. Well, it's something that we've talked about many times in our relationship is having things that we can still feel, that identify us personally. Mm-hmm. And not

[00:14:14] Jason Fuchs: just as a couple. Absolutely. We've got our own things, but we tag onto each of them. Mm-hmm. I mean, you're not a sky driver, which is okay.

[00:14:21] Jason Fuchs: Mm-hmm. But we'll do races together. I mean, Cooper River Bridge Run is a big one. Last 4th of July, we were in Atlanta. Yes. For the Peachtree Road race. Peach Tree. Yes. The hottest race I've ever run. Never again. I'm sorry. Atlanta. I love ya. Yes. Too hot.

[00:14:35] Amber Fuchs: Yes. We can come back to Atlanta for another race, but I'm glad we did the peach tree.

[00:14:39] Jason Fuchs: Yep. Yep. And ladies and gentlemen, this might be a little hard to swallow, but focusing first on family, focusing first on yourself. Putting work second can help reduce stress during your working years. And that's something that took me a decade to figure it out. Before meeting you, I was all [00:15:00] about work.

[00:15:00] Jason Fuchs: Mm-hmm. I mean, when I first started in this industry, back in my day, I was working probably 70 or 80 hours. It was absolutely insane. That was the first three years of this. But I built up a successful practice. 80, turned to 60. 60, turned to 50, and now I have a very manageable work schedule, but I've created the infrastructure for that.

[00:15:21] Jason Fuchs: So I have partners, I have a team, you know, I'm willing to make less so I can do more with my family. Mm-hmm. And I love my clients, ladies and gentlemen, don't get me wrong. I've been to birthdays, bar mitzvahs, baptisms, I, I've got really great relationships with my clients, but they do understand that family comes first for me.

[00:15:40] Amber Fuchs: Mm-hmm. Have you been to client activities that don't start with a B? you said birthdays, baptisms,

[00:15:46] Jason Fuchs: well, I knew you love alliteration, so I do. I love alliteration. I really basketball parties. Boom. Bastic parties.

[00:15:56] Jason Fuchs: It reminded me of Dr. Seuss. Boom. Bastic [00:16:00] trombones are playing. What's that one book I read to Jewel?

[00:16:03] Amber Fuchs: The, I

[00:16:05] Jason Fuchs: don't know how far you'll go. Yeah, there you go. Yeah.

[00:16:08] Jason Fuchs: Exercise work, family time, personal leisure time. That's a big one. Personal leisure time, volunteering.

[00:16:15] Jason Fuchs: All of those ladies and gentlemen, should be part of your monthly schedule if you're looking for a place to start. I've got a few ideas for you. You ready, Amber? I've got three ready. Can you guess one of them? They're pretty, pretty common as far as resources. Yeah. A place to start. A

[00:16:34] Amber Fuchs: place to start the library.

[00:16:38] Jason Fuchs: Book clubs. Book clubs. Yeah. Almost. Okay. There are some cool online tools. Meetup, Eventbrite, Facebook groups. All of those are the perfect place to find an active book club to join. If you can't find one. Ladies and gentlemen, start one yourself. Book clubs are great. They promote mental activity, they keep you social, and they keep your [00:17:00] analytical skills sharp.

[00:17:01] Jason Fuchs: Yeah.

[00:17:01] Amber Fuchs: I. Would say that reading is a, is fundamental. It's fun

[00:17:09] Jason Fuchs: reading. Rainbow

[00:17:12] Amber Fuchs: it. I would have said that prior to Juul reading was a hobby of mine, and I say likewise, specifically prior to Juul because I just can't even think of the time that I've picked up a book since she's been born, except for educational purposes and continuing education.

[00:17:30] Amber Fuchs: Yeah. Um, It's something that I felt like I did when we would go like chill at the beach and we don't really

[00:17:38] Jason Fuchs: ever chill. What's that? Like chill. Taking a nap on the beach. Yeah. So, but I do

[00:17:42] Amber Fuchs: love reading and I think Me too, that's a hobby I would love to get back into.

[00:17:45] Jason Fuchs: I used to read a ton and we had Juul, I read even more cuz I had the, the 2:00 AM shift the way we were feeding her at night.

[00:17:51] Jason Fuchs: Mm-hmm. And I loved it. I mean, I don't like getting up at 2:00 AM but it was great having an hour or so, just quiet, peaceful. I went through a lot of [00:18:00] books. She took a long time to read. The first six or eight months we had Juul, but you're right, all the books I'm reading now are related to my masters of In Science for Financial Planning.

[00:18:10] Jason Fuchs: Yeah, so ladies and gentlemen, I'm, I'm going for the cfp, but I'm actually going beyond that. I'm trying to get the masters in financial planning, which is the highest designation you can get. It's gonna take a while, but my point is everything I'm reading is, so academic. Mm-hmm. So hopefully in a year or so, maybe I'll be able to get back into reading something more exciting. Anyway. We got two more. Can you guess the other two?

[00:18:33] Amber Fuchs: As far as like a starting point, I. Well, I know one that has gained a lot of popularity recently

[00:18:39] Jason Fuchs: is pickleball. Yeah. A lot of knee injuries and, uh, hip injuries too, from what I've heard. Yeah. And more and more. Yeah. Pickleball is great. Ladies and gentlemen, do you ha still have a competitive fire?

[00:18:51] Jason Fuchs: Pickleball is a fantastic sport to pick up. It's relatively simple. It combines the elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. It is so [00:19:00] popular here in Florida.

[00:19:01] Amber Fuchs: It is. It's gaining a lot of popularity everywhere. Everywhere. New York, right? Yeah. New York I think is repurposing part of Central Park to do

[00:19:09] Jason Fuchs: pickleball course.

[00:19:10] Jason Fuchs: Pretty crazy can's. I can't believe they're doing that. Which, yeah, they even have some of the tennis pros trying out pickleball in various competitions.

[00:19:18] Amber Fuchs: Yeah, we actually saw that when we were at At the Cooper River

[00:19:21] Jason Fuchs: Bridge, right? Yeah. In Charleston. In Charleston. That was really neat. It was really, really cool.

[00:19:25] Jason Fuchs: Super fancy. They had the chair with the, the referee and everything. Mm-hmm. Is that the right word? Referee? Yes. I don't follow tennis Well

[00:19:32] Amber Fuchs: in what we saw, there was actually a little tennis exhibition. It wasn't pickleball. Oh, okay.

[00:19:38] Jason Fuchs: played pickleball a couple times.

[00:19:39] Jason Fuchs: It's a ton of fun.

[00:19:41] Amber Fuchs: I have yet to play, but I, my parents are enthusiasts. I am excited about it. And a friend of mine started a pickleball company called Everything But The Dink. Yeah. And I, I just am super excited for the idea of it and would love to, to

[00:19:55] Jason Fuchs: play. Yeah, me too. Yeah. I'm a little nervous though cuz the [00:20:00] knee injuries, the hip injuries.

[00:20:01] Jason Fuchs: I've talked to several clients who've had knee replacements. One had a hip replacement cuz of a, an injury.

[00:20:06] Jason Fuchs: All right. The last one here, where to start? Gardening. This is still one of the best ways to reduce stress, stay fit, and best of all, you get to experience a sense of accomplishment.

[00:20:17] Jason Fuchs: Gardening, it can help you stay mentally sharp too, and as any gardener knows, you just, you don't just drop seeds in the ground. And wait, there's a lot more to it. Mm-hmm. And we've learned, we've learned that the hard way, apparently we have an infestation of ants that eat anything. We try to grow mm-hmm.

[00:20:34] Jason Fuchs: In one section of the backyard. Mm-hmm. And ironically, that quote unquote, the best section to put anything in.

[00:20:41] Jason Fuchs: So those were three places to start.

[00:20:44] Jason Fuchs: If you're having trouble finding hobbies, ladies and gentlemen, of course you got the other two. Skydiving and running I skydiving is not for everybody. Running not too bad. But if you're in Florida, good luck. Super hot. So let's wrap this up, Amber. Ladies and gentlemen, if you are [00:21:00] struggling to find something you're interested in, do not fear.

[00:21:02] Jason Fuchs: I actually have a list, Amber of 101 Hobbies to try this year? Cool. Yeah. Pretty neat. So ladies and gentlemen, if you like to take a peek, email me, call me. All of that info is in the description of the podcast. It's not a bait and switch. It's not a trick. If you wanna work with me, fine. If you just want the information, great.

[00:21:22] Jason Fuchs: You're already listening to the podcast. I recognize you're doing enough, ladies and gentlemen, and we're so grateful for that. Yes. And I said this earlier, ladies and gentlemen, if you have a neat hobby, you think Amber and I should try email us. Yeah, we would love to hear about it. We, we love to try it.

[00:21:38] Jason Fuchs: We're always interested in new things. We're going on a trip end of July. We'll talk about that another episode, but no hotel. We're staying in an RV park. Yes. Oh, converted RV to a two bedroom dwelling. We'll just call it. But ladies and gentlemen, send us your ideas. We love to try it. There is no better time than right now to take on activities that are gonna [00:22:00] help you live a longer, more fulfilled life.

[00:22:03] Jason Fuchs: And if you need help with anything else, please contact us. As always, we're here as your trusted resource. Ladies and gentlemen, I say this every episode and I mean it. Do you know anyone like you who sometimes gets stuck navigating overwhelming financial decisions or who could generally benefit from the info here on Dads Sense?

[00:22:25] Jason Fuchs: If so, would you please share this episode with that person or maybe anyone else you think who would enjoy it? We would love to have more listeners just like you. And if you're enjoying Dad's sense, the biggest compliments we ever get are honest reviews. If you already left this one, thank you. We take the time to read all those reviews and we, we appreciate you.

[00:22:47] Jason Fuchs: And if you haven't, would you mind leaving one? And if that review isn't positive, let us know what we should do to improve it. No need to take it down. We read all of those reviews, so again, Thank you so much. I'm asking you for a lot, [00:23:00] ladies and gentlemen, so if I can return the favor, let me know. I'd be happy to help.

[00:23:04] Jason Fuchs: If you need help managing your financial affairs, we are accepting new clients. Head to sage path to see what we're all about. You can also call or email us. All that info is in the description of the podcast. Ladies and gentlemen, you're wonderful. Thanks again for being here. Of course, Amber, it is so great to have you.

[00:23:24] Jason Fuchs: Thank you for being here. Thanks for having me, and ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy the day. We'll see you in two weeks. No, we'll see you next week for a new episode of Dads Sense. Yay. Yay. All right, take care. Oh, oh, oh. Hello. It's me. Santa Cla. Otherwise known is Old Saints. Jason has me on payroll, so his three Yearold daughter had all toys ahead of schedule.

[00:23:52] Jason Fuchs: I'm visiting from the North Pole, so.

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