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Dad Cents Podcast Transcript: The Mysteries of Travel Unlocked

Dad Cents Podcast Transcript: The Mysteries of Travel Unlocked

July 15, 2021

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Announcer 0:02
Welcome to dad cents a podcast for folks looking to grow their financial future. This podcast is hosted by Jason Fuchs, a dad, a husband and managing director of sage path financial advisors. Jason's goal is to help you grow your financial future, the right way. Now, your host Jason fields.

Jason Fuchs 0:25
Greetings everyone if you're new here, I'm Jason Fuchs, married to Amber's father to a two and a half year old girl jewel. I also happen to be the managing director of sage path financial advisors, and it Sage path. We're here to help you grow your financial future, right way. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the show. Thank you so much for being here. Joining me is Tammy said skis. Did I get that name? Right. You got that name? Right. I've been struggling with the last name. So I'm glad you corrected me. Yes. Great. It's rare people get it right. Welcome to the show, Tammy. Thank you, Jason. We are coming to you ladies and gentlemen live from Jacksonville, Florida. And we've got a little bit of a hurricane. Tropical Storm Elsa coming through. Although now I think it's just rain Elsa. Yes. It's beautiful outside, it's calmed down quite a bit. Well, ladies and gentlemen, Tammy is here to help us get our heads around the travel and tourism industry. She'll help us understand current trends in the industry, as well as where she thinks it's headed in the short term and long term. And we'll introduce Tammy later, one of our topics in today's episode covers the real cost of a vacation home. What if instead of buying that vacation home, you invested the money instead? Ladies and gentlemen, I received a question from one of our dozens of listeners asking if she should buy a vacation home or invest the money. And we're gonna get to the bottom of it later in today's show. Ladies and gentlemen, keep those emails coming. I love what I'm getting. If you have questions, concerns, comments, whatever, I love to hear about them. Email me at Jay Fuchs at Sage path FA comm You can also reach me directly at 904-366-9388. All of that info can be found in the description of the podcast. Well, I like to take a moment now introduce our guest Tammy. Now Tammy has been in the travel industry for over 30 years. She is an expert in creating custom packages, vacations, corporate meetings and events to meet everyone's needs and wants. Corporate travel individual private vacations and trips. Tammy can help with all of that. She specializes in working with high level VIPs and white glove clientele like movie stars, politicians, etc. Tammy has been to this is I think this is so neat. Tammy has been to all continents with the exception of Antarctica. She has all kinds of contacts worldwide. And this allows her to focus 100% on her clients to meet their needs. That includes thinking outside the box to make her clients trips the best ever. Tammy is so passionate about customer commitment and follow up to make sure everyone's needs are met. Now Tammy is in the top 4% worldwide, out of over 3500 agents absolutely incredible. With the highest survey results from clients fine attention to detail and leadership. Tammy is big on employee recognition. And she believes in recognizing not only the bad, but the good and people as well. Tammy, thank you so much for being here. Thank you for having me, Jason. Oh, it's my pleasure. So you have been on all continents but Antarctica. Yes. That is next on the bucket list. Okay. So tell us about that.

Tammy Suhetskis 3:53
I have had the opportunity for for what I've done for a living to actually travel the entire world. My latest was actually going to Beijing. Oh, wow. Okay, which was around November of 19. So Wow. When they were starting to say coop people were getting coke in the ice. Yeah, yeah.

I was in so you got in and out. Good timing. Yeah. Some of my friends here back home. Did you bring it back with you?

I did.

Jason Fuchs 4:26
You would never do that.

Tammy Suhetskis 4:29
But I was fortunate enough to be able to stay stayed at the peninsula, which is Beijing beautiful, absolutely beautiful hotel. And I like doing tours. My if I'm going to a city that I've never been to. I like going out of the realm. Okay, just so I can recommend things to clients that aren't just your typical, you know, sightseeing tours. That's neat.

Jason Fuchs 4:53
Yeah, deeper, but you actually experience the recommendations you're giving to your clients. That's pretty neat. And it's Sounds like they're not your standard typical. Hey, going to Beijing, you got to do this, right? Try these other things instead, right? That is

Tammy Suhetskis 5:06
super neat. And then I intertwine with the regular, like, got it. Okay. Another thing that I always do is I like to take the end, it doesn't matter if it's in the US or if it's overseas, anywhere is I love to do the food walking

Jason Fuchs 5:22
tours. Okay. Yeah, I'm big into that as well.

Tammy Suhetskis 5:25
Yeah, very fascinating. Yeah. Last one. I did I believe was in Georgetown. Washington.

Jason Fuchs 5:30
Yeah, yeah. My wife and I just moved from there. About five years ago. Did you? Oh, yeah. There's some good food up there.

Tammy Suhetskis 5:36
There is Oh, yeah. And they usually go to five to seven different restaurants, okay. They'll bring out what they're famous for. You'll get to eat and then they'll try. Most of the restaurants will pair it with wine. Okay. But yes, so I like thinking outside. So like I was saying before, when I went to Beijing, China, of course, I wanted to go to the Great Wall. And the steps of this I don't, it's fascinating because back then they're these little wooden shoes, probably about the size of about six inches at the most in length. And the reason the stairs everywhere you go even on the Great Wall of China or anywhere in China. It very steep. And the reason why is because these they would make the women as they were, you know, when they're born babies from the time they start walking, they're putting these wooden shoes. And the smaller the foot, the more prestige you had as far as getting married. Okay.

Jason Fuchs 6:43
So back then every woman prayed for small feet.

Tammy Suhetskis 6:45
It was hilarious, because I started laughing and I was like, Well, I guess I would have been a widow or not widow, but I wouldn't I would have been something because I've been a nine and a half. So he started laughing but that's why the stairs are so steep. Oh, the great wall and it. I didn't just want to go to the Great Wall. I wanted to hike on the great wall

Jason Fuchs 7:08
with boots on the ground, right? Yeah. Now did they gave you a sample pair of woods shoes now. So you could feel like you're wet? Yeah, that probably go on my my big toe. I imagine that would make a lot of noise. You're walking over, you know, stone wall? Yeah, that's a really good question. got hundreds if not 1000s of women walking back and forth, it probably creates a lot of ruckus. So I'm kind of putting you on the spot here. Beijing is somewhere you just came from? Well, quote, unquote, I mean, that's almost a year ago. Yeah. What are the top three? Or maybe the top choice as far as where you've traveled to?

Tammy Suhetskis 7:46
in the world desperately would be South Africa, South Africa. Okay. I my favorite place used to be nice money, Carla. Okay, area, yeah, for over 35 years. And then when I had the opportunity to go to South Africa, that just blew that out of the water. In fact, if anybody can handle the prices, good to get there, it's just you. It's a long flight. It's about 18 hours. Wow. The most beautiful place I have seen in this world, and I can't even my whole demeanor changed. When I came back. From there. I didn't only have the opportunity to go to all the meetings and events that were going on with my employer. There were 10 of us from the US. Okay, to go. Wow. And everybody flew in. There's interpret takers there. We got to go to the stadium where the Soccer World Cup Really? Oh, that's fascinating. And that was me. It was neat, because they shut it all down and completely. It was sponsored by who I worked for at the time. And wow, it was only us.

Jason Fuchs 8:57
Wow, that is neat. Did you get to go on the field and everything. We didn't go down on the field. Okay. And even like don't touch the grass.

Tammy Suhetskis 9:04
Yeah. But I got to go to Cape Point, which is the furthest most southern point. Okay, which was interesting because two oceans meet and the photos are just, it's that's neat. I never really even knew that until I got Yeah. I also had the opportunity to, they're very famous for wines. Okay. South African wines are, are very good. Very good. We got to go to Kimberley where the first diamond. Oh, nice. Yeah, we're the old mines. Wow. Fascinating. Yeah. The sunsets Of course, in Africa, you just can't even there is breathtaking. And I can remember coming up. I think it was the second day on the train and looking out the window, and it looked like this blanket of like a pink blanket. And as we got in, we're like what is that? Yeah, and As we got closer, he explained to us there were flamingos Really? Yeah, there was they almost were extinct years ago. Interesting. And what they did in South Africa is they migrated to this one specific section where they put them okay, man, put them there to multiply. And they multiplied. And

Jason Fuchs 10:25
they just didn't stop and they didn't.

Tammy Suhetskis 10:28
I spent one night at the Saxon in Johannesburg. Before the next morning, we were taking the little plane into Kruger Park. Wow. Which I was very fortunate to be at singita where they upgraded us all had our whole I had almost like a 2000 square foot Villa to myself, which had a bed outside the deck had a bed and inside. It was amazing because you could hear the noises that Yeah, is it Krieger? The animals are all Oh, wow.

Jason Fuchs 11:01
Okay, free. So you're safe in your 2000 square foot.

Tammy Suhetskis 11:05
I can remember the first animal that I got to see that was just their little plane landed. Was zebra. O ne then he goes and they go. I can always tell when you guys are are from America because it's zebra. Zebra. Okay. Thanks, Deborah. Yeah, thanks for that. But it was me and the elephant. Out of all the animals of the world. The elephant is the only animal that knows that. A human should not be where they are. Oh, okay. People we have such a Belka never forgets right? Yeah. The way the Lion King movie portrayed. Yeah. The laugh at all of us, because they're like, well, hyenas aren't really as bad as they are. But they're very playful. Okay. But we had to stay still. There's no cover on this vehicle. And I mean, their pictures, their teeth are huge, huge. Oh, my gosh, and you've got to just you can't move, you can't move. Oh, my gosh. And the other thing that was fat, not just the hyenas but watching them. The other thing are the elephants, the female elephants, and they're actually the ones with the tusks and that do the fighting. Okay. And they're always in herds. So Wow, the one particular day when we were there, actually, there was about six moms. And probably 15 baby elephant. Wow. And that was the head taught us they're the only creature that really knows we're not supposed to be there. They're so okay.

Jason Fuchs 12:39
They would were they know you don't fit into the equation

Tammy Suhetskis 12:43
could get so what they do is they get threatened that you're going to have babies. Oh, yeah. And their ears go straight out. And that's probably a frightening it's it's frightening because then they're it's almost like they're being taught. It's almost like somebody is conducting them how it how nature does this on its own. I don't get it, but their left foot comes up. And if that left foot goes down and the ears start flapping the you go get away. He

Jason Fuchs 13:13
don't stand still in that situation. Right. They're getting ready to charge. Wow, that is intimidating. You saw that I

Tammy Suhetskis 13:20
saw. Oh, that's intimidating. It was it was neat. But awesome. very intimidating. Definitely South Africa. If anybody can deal with the flight time, you're not going to be disappointed. There's so much to do there and so beautiful. That I would have to say Nice. Nice. Okay, Carlo. Very Jeez. Very much on the opposite. Yeah, yeah. different worlds. Very different. And I love I'm trying to think third place. Probably. I really enjoyed Beijing, but it's just a totally different culture. It's totally different than Tokyo when I went there. Okay. Tokyo's kind of more reminded me of a New York City, Las Vegas combined. Wow. Okay. And the people are very different.

Jason Fuchs 14:01
Yeah, yeah. Wow. You've seen all kinds of stuff. Yes. Alright. Tammy, you're here to help us get our heads around the travel and tourism industry understand current trends in the industry as well. Where do you think it's headed in the short term in the long term, right? Yes. COVID has left the world a little strange when it comes to travel. So let's get into that now.

Ladies and gentlemen, Tammy is here to help us get our heads around what's going on in the travel and tourism industry. You know, COVID left the world a little crazy last year and although things are getting a little better, you know, travel and tourism is still a little rocky right now. So Tammy help us understand what's going on where it's headed. All that good stuff.

Tammy Suhetskis 14:47
Okay. Definitely the travel industry has taken a huge hit this past year, year and a half. Yeah. The way that we all view travel whether it be corporate or leisure family vacations. It's totally different now all across the board everywhere. Okay. I know, corporate America, speaking, travel, they'll do their TV budgets for a year. And let's some of the companies that I've, you know, been in charge of as far as doing their travel, they might have a budget of 4 million a year for TV. I would love that kind of budget. Tammy. Yeah. Man. It was fat. And I've said it for years. Gosh, these people just throw away so much money. I mean,

Jason Fuchs 15:30
and they're probably loving it now, because that 4 million can be allocated so many other places.

Tammy Suhetskis 15:35
That's what's happening. Yeah. Because by March, mid March of 2020, you know, they're coming to the end of December of 2020. And they're looking to set their budget for 2021. Oh, I see. Okay. And they hadn't even spent a quarter Yeah, of what they had allocated for, because of COVID. So the entire world was forced to go to the zoom meetings, to be productive in a lot of companies went under, but the big, you know, major corporations that shifted to

Jason Fuchs 16:07
that online presence. They Yeah, we did that at Sage path. I mean, felt like it was overnight, we switched 100% online. It was tough, but

Tammy Suhetskis 16:15
it was and it's, I mean, it was nothing. It's nothing for me to do. One of the accounts that I was in charge of the bay center, New York, a lot of international travel to fly from New York to London. She's almost about a seven hour flight, okay. And four or five of them might be going at once. Of course, they're one in business or first class. Oh, yeah. Something nice to stretch out. They get off the plane. And London, they're on the ground two and a half hours and they turn right. They come right back. Wow. Okay, but it's 15 to $17,000 a pop. Wow. A ticket? Yeah. Okay.

Jason Fuchs 16:50
So that's why they've got 4 million.

Tammy Suhetskis 16:53
And I've always thought for years, just zoom. It's a lot of money. So that's

Jason Fuchs 16:58
a lot of effort on the person traveling. I mean, I know they're there and back within a day. But still, that's a little taxing.

Tammy Suhetskis 17:04
I don't know how they do it. I go. So I don't think sadly, I don't think corporates ever going to go back to what the regular like corporate travel agent, yeah. is used to

Jason Fuchs 17:16
no more day trips to the UK or I don't think I

Tammy Suhetskis 17:19
haven't done any. And I don't even know what I think I had people right around mid March, and then

Jason Fuchs 17:28
travel ceased. I'm sure those people are so much feeling so much better now that they don't have to do that kind of traveling. I

Tammy Suhetskis 17:35
mean, I would think yeah, I mean, I love to travel. But I'm not going at a meeting and coming back home. Yeah, I was getting jetlag, and all that. But

Jason Fuchs 17:43
when we lived in DC, I would take the train up to New York sometimes, right? I mean, that was I don't remember how long the ride was, but it was a full day. So I was up in New York and back within the day, but I leave at 7am. And I wouldn't get back to about 8pm. And I mean, that was exhausting. Yeah, not International. But I think the same concept applies, you know, you're hopping on a plane overseas for a few hours and come back. That's what does that mean? Or I can hop on a zoom call on my suit, jacket and shorts. And save, what, eight hours? Okay, millions of dollars. So the industry is changing in that regard. Okay, that makes sense. I mean, I also

Tammy Suhetskis 18:22
think that there's going to be an increase with family travel. Okay, I think more and more people are going to start. I believe this is my thought. And what we're kind of seeing happen is definitely they're gonna want to focus on travel insurance. Okay. I think that's where travel agents are gonna come back. like to be able to provide services that they can't maybe get elsewhere.

Jason Fuchs 18:49
Yeah, yeah. Okay.

Tammy Suhetskis 18:50
Because of so many stipulations. I mean, the airlines and hotels during the whole COVID they have been pretty good as far as you know, compensation.

Jason Fuchs 18:58

Tammy Suhetskis 18:59
We've been theme parks have been like that, too. Yeah, they have. And I believe that you're going to see more and more people wanting to, you know, have the ability an option to purchase additional, like travel insurance. Oh, absolutely. Yeah.

Jason Fuchs 19:14
Even just have that assurance, that confidence that yes, even though it's full steam ahead. We're going on this trip, but Heaven forbid something happens. We have the ability to

Tammy Suhetskis 19:23
and we would never have thought this last year, you know, Who would have ever thought something like this would happen like COVID because so

Jason Fuchs 19:29
many people scoff at the idea of travel insurance. You're just trying to get some extra money for me right. And now if they're not offered travel insurance, I feel like people are

Tammy Suhetskis 19:40
a little reluctant to make that trip. I would recommend it on any nowadays. Anything.

Jason Fuchs 19:45
Oh, there's just so much uncertainty even outside of what's going on with COVID. Exactly.

Tammy Suhetskis 19:49
I mean, just the whole world is like chaotic right now.

Jason Fuchs 19:53
Okay. So that travel insurance is something that you are recommending and you think people will take more advantage of that or more people will take advantage. As I do, okay,

Tammy Suhetskis 20:01
I also think it's already happening in some countries where they're going to be checking to see if you have a vaccination.

Jason Fuchs 20:09
Ah, okay, so carry your card with you. Yes.

Tammy Suhetskis 20:12
Contact Tracy, I also think they'll probably be video surveillance. Yeah, actually, to where it will be linked to that person's Iris or their eye. That is neat. I like that and be able to see, hey, yeah, this person did or this person did not. They're not vaccinated. We're not letting him in, depending on It's wild. So the ability when you step off a plane for that airport to immediately know whether or not you've had some sort of, wow, that's fascinating. I think it's a lot more like touchless. And you're starting to see it in America a lot to like the touchless key systems, when you check into a hotel, you're getting the key, right on your phone phone. Yeah,

Jason Fuchs 20:50
yeah. I think Apple's even trying to do that with your ID trying to embed your ID in their Apple wallet program. So now you can have all your credit cards or gift cards, you can even start your some of your some people can start their car with it, too. Wow. And they're gonna add the ability to keep that vaccination record. And that Id record in there as well. And imagine if Apple is getting into there are so many other companies that are going to follow Oh, it's and I'm okay with that. Because I'm 100% electronic first. Personally, I don't like carrying a bunch of paper with me.

Tammy Suhetskis 21:22
One of my good friends, he said the other day I was I was really amazed that when I showed up at the hotel beep on his phone, and there's the key. Yeah, that was a long line of people waiting. It's so neat. So you just go right up to your room? Oh, yeah.

Jason Fuchs 21:37
Okay, so travel insurance. Definitely a must contract. contact tracing is something that you think we're going to see as well.

Tammy Suhetskis 21:46
The corporate I believe is going to go wayside.

Jason Fuchs 21:49
Yeah. Or the zoom, more the video conferencing, less day trips, that sort of

Tammy Suhetskis 21:54
thing that makes sense. And I think people are gonna start, or they're gonna stop doing the last minute travel, meaning I think they're gonna plan it more broad. Yeah, that makes sense. And that again, I believe that they need to get now of course I'll say this because I meant travel but they need to go to the people that agents and Okay, you know, who basically can read your good solid agents who have a lot of experience, they'll be able to recommend it. Hey, if you're, you know, if you're skeptical of this, are skeptical of that, you know, don't do this. Do this. You know, customize? Yeah, their services. I think there's going to be more focus on domestic vacations, outdoorsy going to the Grand Canyon. I've

Jason Fuchs 22:36
seen it written RVs that sort of things. Okay.

Tammy Suhetskis 22:39
A lot of RV rentals, a lot of Airbnb. I think you're gonna see a tremendous growth. vrba Oh, it's that one. That's the vacation rentals. By Owner. Okay. A lot of homes. Okay, so outside of the whole air b&b atmosphere. Yeah. Same concept just differently, different manage differently. Okay. Because it's going to be I think some of the major hotels might see a decrease. Okay. And you're going to start seeing I think more of an increase, like I said, where if it's family or individually renting out a condo, okay, home or villa. Yeah, yeah. Okay. What you can of course, agents can then go on top of that and add Butler's add cooks. Okay. Fascinating, which is really fascinating. Yeah.

Jason Fuchs 23:30
And so what's the reason for that? Why do you think people are getting out of the hotel hotel?

Tammy Suhetskis 23:34
I think it's going to be because and this is my opinion, but because of the people because

Jason Fuchs 23:40
of crowds. Oh, so they're trying to get more private? It sounds like

Tammy Suhetskis 23:44
yeah, more and more attentive. I mean, I places like Orlando, which is the number one travel destination and the interior friends that stopped by for the fourth on their way to Disney did the eight and they're there right now. Oh, God.

Jason Fuchs 24:00
We got this giant monsoon coming through.

Tammy Suhetskis 24:03
Yeah, my parents are gonna winterhaven Okay, so yeah, it's very pretty out right now. No, not at all. But I do think that people will start going more towards being more independent are in Florida seeing the springs possibly Yeah,

Jason Fuchs 24:17
just venturing into other areas. They might not go to me because Florida we're known for what Disney does universal all the theme parks over there. But there is so much to Florida that people don't know about.

Tammy Suhetskis 24:29
There's a lot and there's so a lot of countries you can't get into. Oh, yeah, so stoia is one of them.

Jason Fuchs 24:36
Yeah, my family and I wanted to go to Australia end of the year. We had, you know, thought about it last year, but obviously, the way things are. You have to push it off another year.

Tammy Suhetskis 24:45
There's it's always so I would always tell people before you even start thinking about what you want to do to always go to that country's Oh, yeah. I have not haven't seen yet. But I haven't seen a country that has not been something out there about entering because of COVID.

Jason Fuchs 25:04
Yeah, I had clients head to Hawaii for I think they were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary, right. And they had every stop they made. So they went to three of the islands. And every time they got off the plane, they had to take a COVID test. Oh, wow, it was intense. Yeah, one before they left the US, they left Florida. And I don't remember where their connection was before they actually hit it off to Hawaii. But they had a COVID test there. And then I think they had two or three islands where they took a plane to two of the three every time they had to have another COVID test one of those rapid Luckily, it's the rapid test. So you take it wait 1520 minutes. And when I when I've flown

Tammy Suhetskis 25:41
since the since COVID, not internationally, just domestically, I thought it was going to be a seed in between. But now everybody's everybody's there. Everybody's there.

Jason Fuchs 25:51
Yeah, I mean, I've talked to a few clients, family members that are going on planes. And I mean, you're you're literally right next to the person talking to the person. And some people get really upset

Tammy Suhetskis 25:59
by it. Yeah, I say, you know, and other people just really don't care. It's, but I do think that people are going to start being more cautious. Oh, yeah, but health concerns and kind of if you're going to Africa, certain parts of Africa, you know that you need to get a malaria shot to enter. Okay, it's gonna be like this. Now with COVID, probably, forever. I

Jason Fuchs 26:21
mean, there's not gonna be as far as the vaccination is concerned, probably gonna be something we're gonna have to do every year like the flu shot. We've covered a lot of good stuff. Thank you so much. You are very welcome. Now, tell us a little bit why should people be reaching out to you? And the reason I asked is because you mentioned that people will start probably relying on travel agents a little bit more. And hopefully, it's beyond the need for some sort of travel protection per se, right. But why would somebody Why would I come to you, for example, I want to go to Australia next year, right? Why would I come to you as opposed to happen on TripAdvisor, Expedia, or whatever they

Tammy Suhetskis 26:57
are now and here comes computers, here comes Expedia, Travelocity, so all that information just being thrown at you. And then you start seeing a lot of travel agencies going under? You know, they used to be on every corner. Yeah. Now, when it comes to an agent, they're a good agent. You want to go to Australia, you're I mean, you can go online, and you can read anything,

Jason Fuchs 27:23
all that literature, you can I could probably map out the course for myself.

Tammy Suhetskis 27:27
You could with a lot of time put into it. Yeah. But there's also so many fictitious this hotel that you might see on, I don't want to say, I'm one of those websites. Might not be it might say that it's classified as five star when it really is not five. Yeah, yeah, that's where agents can have the tools. You could drill down a lot. Ah, okay, they're down.

Jason Fuchs 27:55
So avoid some of those unpleasant surprises on the back end. Because I can, I can map out this whole trip, right, based on what I see online, and it looks good on paper, right. But then when I get there, there might be some surprises, things that I wasn't aware of. And that's where you come into play. That's That's exactly right. God, okay. If you've been there, you know, who to believe who to trust, you know, who you can't, you know, the real story per se.

Tammy Suhetskis 28:19
Right. And you don't always hear that. I mean, it's about making money, you know, and those websites, yes, yes, they'll offer travel insurance. Yeah. But if you wanted to, you can't pick up a phone and call and talk to somebody at a human. Yeah. You know, unless there's an issue with it. Yeah. And if there's an issue with it, how many I mean, I've seen it happen numerous times. colleagues or even business. Yeah, you know, men or women will call Well, we didn't book it through. Okay, yeah, I booked or whatever. Okay. Yeah, there's nothing that an agent can do to help them you know, you're on your own.

Jason Fuchs 29:01
Yeah, you have to go back to where you sourced it.

Tammy Suhetskis 29:04
And the fine print is where an agent will be able to sit there and tell you Okay, and drill down to what you

Jason Fuchs 29:12
Yeah, so they take the time to listen to you understand what it is you're trying to get out of this trip. People like you have been who've been off the traditional beaten path of certain areas, you can make some recommendations that might be a little bit more enjoyable than a typical absolute recommendation. So it sounds like what someone is paying you for someone is using you for is that experience that peace of mind Yes, that's in the fact that you can create the trip according to what exactly they're looking for. And you can avoid any unexpected surprises in the back end to

Tammy Suhetskis 29:45
or if you if you go through an agent your flights delayed you'll see in the wintertime all the time flight cancellations because yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, if you booked it with the airline directly, or you know like united comm Yeah, everything There are issues going on getting rebooked. You're gonna have to go back on hold probably one to two hours. Yeah. What's

Jason Fuchs 30:08
I have to reroute everything? Right?

Tammy Suhetskis 30:11
Yeah. Where you could either a if you have no, did it through an agent or agency, you can either email them or you can call them and then we handle that problem. Got it? Okay, taking it off of the customer, you know?

Jason Fuchs 30:24
Yeah, yeah. So the responsibility would lie on you then. Right. And that's nice. Because you're sitting in an airport, your flights been canceled. You're not even in your own country, you're somewhere abroad. Last thing you want to do is hop on an 800 number, sit around on hold and try to get things fixed. It's nice that somebody can rely on you, right and your experience, because you can probably get things done a little faster,

Tammy Suhetskis 30:46
a little bit more efficient. And most of your agencies that you go through have systems in place where it will alert. Ah,

Jason Fuchs 30:55
so you can be proactive, right? Oh, I love that. Yeah. Great. And nobody wants to deal with a trip falling apart when you're on a trip with your family. I mean, that's the last thing you want to deal with. Right?

Tammy Suhetskis 31:06
And especially now because people have been put on hold. Yeah, over a year. Oh, yeah. So they're ready to go. Yeah, out, you know, out of this cage. Yeah.

Jason Fuchs 31:16
And ladies and gentlemen, I think you face the same dilemma with your money. I mean, there's all kinds of do it yourself brochures, literature, available websites, voicemail systems, glossy paperwork, you know, but try talking to someone like me who's been there, who knows the real story and see what you get. Now, like Tammy is here to help you create your dream vacation. I'm here to act as your investment guide, I can tell you which destinations are worth going to. And I think the differences between information and wisdom. So great, great tips that you shared with us today. And how can people get a hold of you?

Tammy Suhetskis 31:53
Well, myself I could you could always email me at Tammy ta mm y at Carlisle ca R. I S L e travel calm.

Jason Fuchs 32:06
Okay. website, phone number, anything that you want to share? Again, I'm not fishing a phone number. You

Tammy Suhetskis 32:11
sure if you get voicemail, you can leave a message and I will get back to you. Okay, it's 904-207-3568 perfect.

Jason Fuchs 32:23
So what I'd like to do, Tammy is conclude today's episode with a little q&a. What do you think? Sounds good. All right, let's jump into it now.

I received a question from someone compliance won't allow me to use a real name. So we're just gonna call her Julie. Julie ass. I have quite a bit of money sitting in my savings account. My family and I were thinking about buying a vacation home. But a neighbor of ours said we should invest that money instead. What do you think, Jason? Great question, Julie. I'm happy to help. Oh, vacation beautiful sights. Beautiful sounds beautiful homes. If there's one thing we all do while we're on vacation, it stream? Ladies and gentlemen, Tammy? How great would it be to own a vacation home and one of the most beautiful places on earth? Maybe you could just have a look at some real estate prices. I mean, that couldn't hurt. Right? Right? Well, actually, it could. In the top five travel destinations in the US, the average home price is nearly half a million dollars plus expenses. You could spend that money today on a new vacation home. It's what you want, right? But what if instead of buying that home, you invested that money, half a million dollars invested today, earning a hypothetical 6% rate of return on the low side of my opinion, over 20 years could grow to more than $1.6 million. Wow. So I'm gonna say that again. You take that half a million dollars you invested today. Let it sit for 20 years growing in this example, about 6% you'd be left with potentially $1.6 million. Now 20 years Ladies and gentlemen, Tammy, would you rather have a vacation home that may or may not have appreciated in value or $1.6 million. Avia is 1.6 million. It's looking good to me too. And yeah, you can rent out your vacation home when you're not using it. So essentially breakeven on that mortgage payment right? But $1.6 million is a lot of money. I would be so happy. Ladies and gentlemen, lean on me for support. We can talk about which choice is right for you right now and the future. Whatever you need no worries, head to our website www dot Sage path FA comm click the calendar link at the top of the page and schedule time with me. You'll find that I am freely giving of my time. You can also call me email me All of that is in the description of the podcast. It's also on our website. Tammy, anything you'd like to add? Just it's coming back. Everyone travels coming driverless coming back. So So get in touch with Tammy. How do we do that again?

Tammy Suhetskis 35:12
Again, you can email me at Tammy at Carlisle travel comm or you can call me at 904-207-3568 whether it be leisure plans you're looking for for family, or if it's corporate and you're wanting to bring your company back to traveling and establish contracts with airlines and preferred vendors. We can I can handle that too for you. Perfect. Well,

Jason Fuchs 35:39
thank you so much for being here. Thank you for having me. This has been wonderful. I had such a great time I did to James. Hope to see you again. Yes, thank you. You're welcome. And to all of our listeners, thank you for sticking around. I appreciate all of you. And now the part we all love the disclosures, securities and investment advisory services offered through FSC securities Corp, FSC member FINRA, SIPC. FSC is separately owned and other entities and our marketing names products or services referenced here are independent of FSC. This show is not meant to provide legal or tax advice nor is it a recommendation for any specific investment. Jason Fuchs, Tammy and FSC and sage path FA are unaffiliated. This episode is sponsored by Dunham and Associates investment council at Sage path financial advisors is located at 512 rosebud lane, Neptune Beach, Florida 32266 Thanks

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