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DAD CENTS PODCAST TRANSCRIPT: Prepare for a Brutal Holiday Season & a Volatile Stock Market

DAD CENTS PODCAST TRANSCRIPT: Prepare for a Brutal Holiday Season & a Volatile Stock Market

October 27, 2021

Announcer 0:02
Welcome to Dad cents a podcast for folks looking to grow their financial future. This podcast is hosted by Jason Fuchs, a dad, a husband and Managing Director of sage path financial advisors. Jason's goal is to help you grow your financial future, the right way. Now, your host, Jason Fuchs.

Jason Fuchs 0:24
Greetings everyone if you're new here, I'm Jason Fuchs, married to Amber's father to an almost three year old girl Joel, can you believe it? I'm also the managing director of sage path financial advisors. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the show. Thank you for being here. Dads sense is a show for family men and women. And we're all about family fun and finance. On this show, you're going to hear unscripted conversations with folks who are committed to staying financially healthy. Joining me is special guest the retail expert and my amazing wife, Amber Fuchs. Welcome to the show. Amber. Thanks for having me. It's our pleasure. We're excited. It's been a while. I know it has been I'm excited to we're gonna have a ton of fun today. Yes. Now Amber, every holiday season is a competitive battle. But this one is especially brutal, because of that ongoing fallout from the pandemic and the impact it's having on the American economy, supply chain issues, labor shortages, price increases on the channel problems and demand. There are so many problems and so much competition in retail right now. And there may be unforeseen issues for consumers this holiday season. And you're here to help us with that today. Right? Absolutely. All right, as I can.

Yes, so I'd like you to help us understand why this holiday season will be so brutal for consumers and what they can do to prepare ahead of time lately sounds good. Wonderful. Ladies and gentlemen. We're gonna introduce Amber's shortly but hey, Amber, how comfortable are you with stock market volatility?

Amber Fuchs 2:00
He, I think that says it all. I feel this same as the upcoming holiday. Scared.

Jason Fuchs 2:10
Spooky, right? And that's what we're gonna cover in today's q&a. That portion of the show, I'm going to give you five facts to remember when the market gets bumpy. These facts will help you remain calm during stock market volatility. What do you think, Amber?

Amber Fuchs 2:26
I'm for it.

Jason Fuchs 2:26
You're for it. Okay, fantastic. Ladies and gentlemen, if you've got questions, remember, I'm answering one of those questions during each episode. Send the questions to Jay Fuchs at Sage path That is in the description of the podcast. I'd like to take a moment now and introduce our guest Amber Fuchs. Wow, where to start entrepreneur experience executive with 21 years in the retail industry, Six Sigma extraordinare, analyzing and visualizing data through Microsoft Power BI. Amber has been with several big name companies. You may be familiar with a few hex anyone remember that name? Hex I actually have nightmares of when my dad used to take my sister in high for these day long shopping extravaganzas. As a single father, we had to pack in as much of those grownup activities as possible. I'm glad Yeah, it's nice to be a grown up now. Belk Michael Kors, Smithsonian Venus right here in Jacksonville East style right here in Jacksonville. Amber is the founder of yellow luxury consignment, sustainable fashion through consignment of luxury goods, and the company is growing so fast. Amber is also an alumni of Virginia Tech go Hokies. She volunteers for the beaches, sea turtle patrol, protecting our little turtles here in Jacksonville. And she's also a volunteer with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. It's in that 10 times that she works with marine mammal and sea turtle Response Teams very cool stuff. More importantly, though, amazing mother to her daughter jewel and incredible wife who I'd be lost without Amber. Welcome to dad since Oh,

Amber Fuchs 4:10
man, can you use that introduction? Everywhere we go. Like if we just walk into a restaurant? Can you say that?

Jason Fuchs 4:16
Yeah, just put it on my phone. Hey, ladies and gentlemen, Amber's here play.

Amber Fuchs 4:20
Wow, I like that. Thanks for having me.

Jason Fuchs 4:23
It's our pleasure. It's good to have you back. It's been a while

Amber Fuchs 4:25
it has been I'm so happy to be back.

Jason Fuchs 4:27
You got a new haircut and you're looking good.

Amber Fuchs 4:29
Oh, thank you so much. Yeah, every once in a while you got to chop it. I know. Everyone out there can relate.

Jason Fuchs 4:35
Yeah, yeah, me too. So what's new and exciting in your world?

Amber Fuchs 4:40
Well, the haircut clearly the haircut is the big thing that's new and exciting. And in my world

Jason Fuchs 4:46
are we got about five minutes left in the segment. Let's start let's just cover the haircut. What it means to get a cut, where are you getting cut all that good stuff, right?

Amber Fuchs 4:55
Yeah, yeah. There's a lot of detail that goes into that. Outside of those important things, there's

Jason Fuchs 5:03
like how you avoided the word haircut. They're important things well done.

Amber Fuchs 5:10
Thank you. But what else is new with me? I think it's the same focus as always family and taking care of what's important in life spending time with you, and Joel and other family members. And we've been able to do a little bit more of that this year. So that's been pleasant. Yeah, who

Jason Fuchs 5:31
feels kind of like we're back in real life, whatever that

Amber Fuchs 5:34
means. easing back into it. I

Jason Fuchs 5:35
guess. We went to the pumpkin patch that last weekend. That was fun. That was so much fun. That was really cool. And we took your parents. Notice I said we, I didn't say we took joy. I say we took your parents. Everyone seemed to have a good time, though. What was the name of that place?

Amber Fuchs 5:51
Amazing Grace Farms. Okay. And they have crop maize as well. That's a big part of what they do. But the

Jason Fuchs 5:57
only thing we didn't do, there it is. We took it last year. Last year it was and we did it last year. So it was good. We didn't need to do it again. We'll do that every other year, right. Or once, once a decade,

Amber Fuchs 6:09
Joel was so much more interactive on all the different activities that were there and available for children that definitely kept us more busy than the crop maze ever could

Jason Fuchs 6:18
have. Yeah, it's so funny watching her I want to do this, I want to do that. I want to do this. I want to do that.

Amber Fuchs 6:22
It was so neat. Well, it was great.

Jason Fuchs 6:25
Energy, let her go.

Amber Fuchs 6:28
I'm so excited. Something that we finally got to do again, or it was postponed for four times was the Cooper River Bridge run in Charleston, who? And it was the first big race that we've been able to do either one of us together or individually. Almost two years, nearly two years.

Jason Fuchs 6:51
Yeah. Cuz the last one we did, I had my hip surgery. So that was hopping around, literally up and around on crutches. Right. China says jewel,

Amber Fuchs 7:00
yeah, I did. I did that one on my own. And that was in 2019. Wow. Yeah, we had registered for 2020. That was in supposed to be in March got postponed to September 2020. Goes back again, to march 2021. Yeah. And then got postponed and actually went forward in September 2021. And that was so much fun. And we were able to run together enjoy the city and being able to participate in races and at least some limited capacity is wonderful. I was fantastic. I had a great time.

Jason Fuchs 7:39
They handled it so well. The Oregon whoever puts that show together. Well done, because it was so organized. And with all this craziness with COVID still going on. They were really good about keeping each keeping everybody distanced. Yeah, even in the middle of a race. I mean, it was amazing.

Amber Fuchs 7:55
Absolutely. And at the beginning and at the finish line, anytime that there is an opportunity for people to be close to each other. You were required to wear your your mask. Oh, yeah. Also, all the participants were required to show proof of vaccination. Yeah, that was neat. I like that. So you know, it was is considering all the variables at play. I felt pretty comfortable. And I was just excited to be out there running again. Yeah,

Jason Fuchs 8:20
it was cool. The first half of the race, the first three miles is pretty much up that bridge. And I remember I was pushing jewel. And I was pushing my legs so hard. By the time we got to the top of that bridge. I couldn't feel my legs anymore. You did great. So I I ended up trucking it for the rest of the race because like I said, I couldn't feel my legs and I was gonna capitalize on that.

Amber Fuchs 8:46
Well, being able to run again and participate in events like that is really exciting.

Jason Fuchs 8:52
Yeah, it's it's so much fun to be with you and Joel and do those races and just have the energy of the crowd. And we got to stay an extra day. So we got the hang out in our favorite. I guess that's our favorite city. I love Charleston.

Amber Fuchs 9:03
Definitely, if not the favorite, at least in our top rankings. Yeah, right. Yeah. But you know, it's interesting, too, because when we had registered for it initially, jewel was at a very different age. That is true. I mean, it was a year and a half, almost two years. True. Yeah. And so the experience of pushing her in the stroller was different. Oh, yeah. Her interaction level her, you know, participation level.

Jason Fuchs 9:31
Yeah, she's soaked it in a lot more. You could tell she was enjoying it way more this time. Yeah, it was really neat. But ladies and gentlemen, don't bring a stroller with you. You cannot bring strollers on the bus. We had a very nice gentleman who let us pass despite the rule. So thank you. Take an Uber

Amber Fuchs 9:49
will be prepared next time.

Jason Fuchs 9:52
So YOLO is growing so fast. Just tremendously. Talk to us about that.

Amber Fuchs 9:58
Yeah. Thank you. I I'm excited about yellows growth. It definitely feels like it has been growing fast. But we actually have been open for two years now, which is wild. Yeah. Congratulations. Wow. And this last quarter, is where we've seen the most growth. And so it feels like it's growing fast, because it's happened more recently.

Jason Fuchs 10:20
Okay, yeah. But the numbers don't lie. It is growing. It's

Amber Fuchs 10:23
definitely growing. And a big contributing factor to that is that we've been able to participate in events. And that's something that

Jason Fuchs 10:33
actually hold the bags and try them on touch.

Amber Fuchs 10:37
Well, and also, we've been doing live events online. Oh, yeah. And so people can see me hold them or you know, and get that same feeling or visual reference, guys are inexperienced in that capacity. And so events have really been tremendous for us. And we're gonna continue rolling with them and to keep for

Jason Fuchs 10:58
all right holiday shopping season. Ladies and gentlemen, if you are looking for something for your significant other during that holiday season, check out YOLO luxury consignment,

Amber Fuchs 11:08
we have a lot of events coming up for this fourth quarter season. And if you guys want to shop and participate, we have many in person and online. And you can see all the list of events on our website at YOLO. Luxury consignment calm. And you can check out our inventory and everything that's available there as well. Yeah, a lot of good stuff. Yeah. Lots of pre loved beauties.

Jason Fuchs 11:31
will congratulate congratulations on your success.

Amber Fuchs 11:32
Thank you.

Jason Fuchs 11:34
Alright, Amber, let's talk about retail. So what I'd like to do is I'd like you to help our listeners understand why this holiday season will be so brutal, and what they can do to prepare ahead of time. What do you think?

Amber Fuchs 11:45

Jason Fuchs 11:46
All right, let's get me too. Let's get into it now.

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, Amber, you're going to help us understand why this holiday season will be so brutal, and what consumers can do to prepare for it ahead of time, right?

Amber Fuchs 12:09
Absolutely. As everyone knows, and has felt the impact of over the past 18 months, let's say the supply chain and and everything that touches the supply chain has been a challenge. And of course, that's because all around the globe, different countries and segments of the world have had to shut down for different reasons that are associated with COVID. There's been lingering effects. And because our supply chain, especially in the United States is so globally integrated. We are waiting for in need different pieces or components, or different elements of everyday use from all around the world. Oh, yeah. So if you think about it, if you hear that Italy is shut down, or somewhere else around the world is shut down. The easiest correlation I can think to Italy is that you might not be able to find your favorite shoes. Right? Yeah, that's true. Right. So you know, in, I think that if you think about it from that perspective, a lot of what's happening all around the globe really does impact what's happening in your front door, everyone is starting to recover to some different level. But I think what you're seeing, especially in the US right now, is people are now reopening their doors. And the labor force is also a secondary wave of challenge that's going to impact the economy for the rest of this year where so many people had to shut down, pull back and adjust to what was happening. Now they want to get back and ramp back up, they cannot find the labor. And so what that means is they're asking their existing labor force to work more Oh, yeah, they're having to pay more to they're gonna have to pay more. So not only are we waiting for goods to come in from around the world, which there may be a cost associated with that. We're also even if it's being produced or made here in the US, which is fantastic. There are labor costs associated with that that are increasing. So what does that mean, at the end of the day, all of these different elements and how they're impacting us, because this is, you know, these are two very clear examples as far as actual supply chain and labor force cost. There are a lot of different levels and variables associated in and more depth to all of this. What this really means for us, is that the things that you might want for your holidays

Jason Fuchs 14:46
like those fancy Italian shoes, right?

Amber Fuchs 14:49
This gift do you want to give your husband named Jason

Jason Fuchs 14:55

Amber Fuchs 14:56
they may not be available or they might be more expensive. Okay, so the thing that you really have to prepare yourself for is those two things. It might not be available, it might be more expensive. Okay. So one of the really great benefits, though, is that people have been aware of this people who have the smart folks really analyzing this type of data for their company. Right, right. Might have been preparing in advance or seen this coming and tried to prepare in advance. So there's been some companies that you could probably do some research on and see, they bought deeper into inventory in advance of the holiday season To be best prepared for this. Now,

Jason Fuchs 15:42
so how would somebody uncover that?

Amber Fuchs 15:45
So I think that goes into some tips I have. Oh, okay.

Jason Fuchs 15:49
I'm sorry. I'm getting ahead of us. Okay. Please continue.

Amber Fuchs 15:52
Well, I mean, ultimately, though, some people really have tried to prepare for this. So you're not going to see it everywhere. So it can get confusing. Yeah, you might think, well,

Jason Fuchs 16:03
the media all you hear is shortages, start shopping now, but the world's ending cold read headlines.

Amber Fuchs 16:12
Right. Yeah. So I mean, I do think that it can be a little bit confusing. But I think just to kind of spring ahead and jump ahead, as if you see something that you want, and it's the right price. Don't wait, don't, don't hesitate, grab it, don't think that you're going to find it at a later point at a better price. Okay. So I think that is tip number one.

Jason Fuchs 16:35
Okay. All right. So we're in the tips. Now, if you see if it's the right price, buy it now, ladies and gentlemen. Right.

Amber Fuchs 16:41
And I do think that this season, more than any, is going to be best suited for a planner for someone like both of us, right? People who think, yeah, okay, I want to be prepared in advance. But I would say there's, if you look at a pie chart, only 25% of shoppers are planners. Most people are thinking in the moment are or thinking, you know, they're going to prepare maybe in November for their end of year holiday shopping. So that's most people and then there's the other segment of 25% that are just last minute shoppers. Okay. I'm sorry to tell you last minute shoppers, this is not your year.

Jason Fuchs 17:29
Okay, so we have 25% and 25%? Well, I'm curious, what's other 50%. The other

Amber Fuchs 17:34
50% are people who don't necessarily plan in advance, but they go out purposefully. And so they might be, let's say, a black friday shopper. Okay? You know, that may their

Jason Fuchs 17:49
intent is to find the gifts, but they don't necessarily know that what they're looking for, per se.

Amber Fuchs 17:54
Right? Well, and they're also not buying that far in advance. They're thinking about it, but they're not in there are waiting for the best deal. And they're opportunistic, got it. Okay. And I think that's the majority of people. Okay, there, you know, there's some additional things that people can do, I do think that the, the best opportunity is to be more of a planner and thinking in advance. So if you can change some of your opportunistic thinking,

Jason Fuchs 18:21
shift, reframe the way you think about the holiday shopping season.

Amber Fuchs 18:26
Yeah, well, and, you know, I do think that a lot of people and using that Black Friday example, will search out the best deals and the best values that they are seeking to be out there, I think that you can incorporate some additional research, and you can find companies that did prepare for this holiday season by purchasing deeper into their inventory. That is something that if you do research on it, people it is out there, it's those people are those companies are proud of what they have done. No kidding. So they have shared that and those people are those companies will have the best deals because they have best prepared for this season. Okay, so doing a little bit more research than normal, I think is is a tip number two, so that you can be prepared when you're out in the retail landscape. But ultimately, I think the biggest tip is just to be aware that not everything is going to be available in the timeframes that you expect. So

Jason Fuchs 19:31
so maybe not wait for that Black Friday

Amber Fuchs 19:33
deal. Right? i Yeah, absolutely. And I do think you know, this is kind of bad news for last minute shoppers. The my biggest tip for that segment and that was last 25% is to pay attention to the details. Okay? Because I know a lot of people especially us and many other people these days are Amazon shoppers or maybe have that Amazon mentality. So if you look at a product and you are Ready, you're about to pull the trigger, check the dates, check, pay attention to the details to be sure shipping dates, you mean all of the dates. Okay?

Jason Fuchs 20:11
Okay, everything. Yeah. Because if

Amber Fuchs 20:13
you have found what you're looking for at the last minute, and it's not the price that you expect, I'm gonna guess that the date is not what you're expecting. So you may be paying a little bit more to get something that you're low. Okay, so you might have to expedite it. Right, especially for those last minute shoppers. Yeah.

Jason Fuchs 20:32
And at that point, waiting till the last minute is obsolete, because you're adding additional costs at the end of the transaction? Just to get it to you quicker? Absolutely. Had you bought that ahead of time? Maybe not necessarily on sale. You might save more money in the long run, right?

Amber Fuchs 20:46
Oh, absolutely. But you know, the thing is, for last minute shoppers, that's just the way their mind works. And that's the way they operate. See, more than ever, you have to pay attention to the details. Or you may miss the mark completely

Jason Fuchs 20:59
on some people just like the thrill of the hunt. I mean, some people just like that Black Friday going out not really knowing what they're gonna buy, but they know they're gonna buy something, right.

Amber Fuchs 21:08
Yeah, absolutely. But those aren't true. Last minute shoppers are purchasing a gift about two to three days. Okay, for the event? Got it.

Jason Fuchs 21:18
Okay, two to three days before? Wow, that's insane.

Amber Fuchs 21:22
I mean, Amazon is perfect for them in climates outside of this.

Jason Fuchs 21:26
Give me I'm gonna break out in hives two, three days before the holidays. Oh, yeah. Oh, wow. Okay.

Amber Fuchs 21:31
Yes. So pay attention to details. Okay. I think the the biggest thing to remember is that even though the world is getting back to normal, we are so integrated globally, that we are still feeling the impacts from what our partners are feeling from around the world. Yeah. So we just have to incorporate that into our thought process when we're making a purchase, because those are the things that are causing either the delay the price increase, or both.

Jason Fuchs 22:03
Yeah, I mean, and even if we, we are able to get the goods into the US, I mean, the ports are having so many issues, just trying to unload everything right now. Right?

Amber Fuchs 22:11
Well, ports are having issues with labor, as well. So that's a big reason why, yes, a lot of ports are backed up. But what is so interesting to me, and you know, is a challenge for us as in in the global economy. Not only are the ports backed up, but there's a container shortage.

Jason Fuchs 22:31
Oh, so physical containers are? Oh, my gosh,

Amber Fuchs 22:34
yeah. So not only are we having a hard time getting the goods in into the ports. But containers are also really hard to come by for all of these same reasons. Oh, wow. Really hard to get things out. And so that's why I'm telling you right now, like, if we're, you know, we're having struggles to get things into the ports because of labor shortages, or other reasons, as well. And we think that that's causing delays, additional delays are coming beyond behind this, because we can't even find containers to get goods out to the where we have the shortages.

Jason Fuchs 23:08
So any other resources to help our listeners out there prepare for this crazy holiday season?

Amber Fuchs 23:13
Well, if anybody wants to talk to me directly, I'd be happy to give them any one on one tips or any of my expertise from all my years in retail, so they can feel free to reach out to me via email at info inf o at yellow luxury. Yellow that's why

Jason Fuchs 23:35
Oh, right. Correct. Fantastic. Thank you so much. Yeah, absolutely. So it sounds like as long as we prepare for this holiday shopping season, we should be alright. Pretty much so that insinuates you've already done the shopping for me, right? Of course. So for my trip later this week, when I go to town, you're saying I can wear those nice Italian shoes.

Amber Fuchs 23:56
Ah, no, I don't even know you're.

Jason Fuchs 24:00
I'm kidding. Well, again, thank you very much. That's great information. Of course. Thank

Amber Fuchs 24:04
you for having me. All right. So

Jason Fuchs 24:06
what I'd like to do now is getting a little get into a little bit of q&a. What do you think? Ooh,

Amber Fuchs 24:12
my favorite.

Jason Fuchs 24:13
We're gonna answer listeners question about how to deal with market volatility. Oh, spooky. Alright, let's get into it now.

And we're back ladies and gentlemen. Thanks again for joining us for the q&a portion of the show. I received a question from someone compliance won't allow me to use his real name Go figure. So we're gonna call him potato. Oh, hey, potato. That's not the reaction I thought you'd have in my head. That was a lot funnier. Or should we just be practical and use Paul?

Amber Fuchs 24:53
I don't know hot potato sounds pretty good to me.

Jason Fuchs 24:57
Because I don't know if I can handle the data. Okay, so Paul says great show love the episode about the Roth conversion. Thanks for hopping offline with me to help with that. Paul, That's so nice of you to say it's my pleasure. Thank you. It has been a joy to work with you and your family. So appreciate you. Paul asks China COVID potential inflation, the Fed interest rates, even the housing market have me super nervous about the stock market. I feel like I'm checking my portfolio every few hours anticipating a loss. How can you or how do you coach your clients? How do you get your clients through market volatility? antastic question, Paul. I'm happy to help you. Ladies and gentlemen, Paul, Amber, wouldn't it be nice if the stock market didn't have such violent swings in either direction?

Amber Fuchs 25:45
Yes, I would like it if anything in life came with it.

Jason Fuchs 25:51
Maybe probably doing something a little different today. No, especially the dramatic downward, downward plunges. We'd all like to avoid those. But the reality is the markets include a certain amount of volatility. And keeping those market swings in perspective is so important. During periods of volatility, I find myself actively reaching out to my clients. We can't avoid the volatility, but I want my clients to know I'm right there with them with them. They're not alone. And remember, ladies and gentlemen, just because I'm a financial advisor, doesn't mean I'm invincible to volatility in the stock market. So when I say I'm right there with you, I mean it. My Accounts are accounts Amber, yep, are losing value, too. I'd like to share five facts to remember when the market gets bumpy. And I think this might help Paul, you ready, Amber? I'm ready. All right. Fact number one. Be wary of headlines quoted in points I kind of hinted on this earlier. It's common for the financial media to quote changes to stock market indices, specifically the Dow Jones Industrial Average, in terms of points. Why? Well, because a large point change sound super scary, and scary makes people pay attention to the graphics that have big red letters and words like scare turmoil, special report, the world is ending, etc. So we need to pay attention close attention to what the point change really means. In reality, a 340 point change in the Dow only equals about a plus or minus 1% change based on current levels around 34,000. That's a as of early October 2021. Now, when the Dow was at 10,000 points, a 1% move is only 100 points. So it's all relative. And it's important to view numbers in context. That makes sense, Amber? Absolutely. Fact number two, look at the bond market. It is difficult to determine if a market downturn is the start of the next recession or simply just a bad day. It turns out the bond market can offer some peace of mind when volatility flares up to gain some insight into underlying economic conditions we want to do is we want to turn to the Treasury spread Amber and ladies and gentlemen, if you want to learn more about Treasury spreads just head to our website, Sage path FA COMM And search Treasury spreads. There's a really neat article I've written on it. Now Amber, when spreads go higher, that implies improving economic conditions, investors are bullish. Now bullish means they think the value of the stock market is going to increase. Conversely, when spreads go lower, that implies deteriorating economic conditions a bearish sentiment bearish investors think the markets gonna lose value. And here's why it matters. Treasury spreads have correctly anticipated the last six recessions dating all the way back to 1976. Critically if Treasury spreads dropped below zero, not a good sign. And it doesn't happen often. But there's a genuine case for concern when they do. So the next time the stock market is having a down day. Listen to the bond market. Now ladies and gentlemen Amber Paul, you can check Treasury spreads for free on the St. Louis Federal Reserve's website. Okay, ready for number three Amber ready. Fact number three, volatility doesn't necessarily mean loss. A volatile year doesn't mean that it'll be a negative year. For example, let's compare to yours that have similar returns 2017 versus 2020 18.4% returns and 17 versus 16.9% returns in 20. Despite similar returns, the s&p 500 volatility was much higher in 2020 than in 2017. Anybody remember that thing called COVID and 20. 20 Now, if you stayed put throughout the year, you made similar double digit returns in both years. So how are you? Wow,

Announcer 30:11

Jason Fuchs 30:11
how you doing? Amber? We've gotten through three, you still with me? Yes. All right. Fact number four. Now speaking of staying put, patience is a virtue. Has anyone ever said that to a two year old?

Amber Fuchs 30:25
Practice your patient or a

Jason Fuchs 30:27
38 year old like me? That's easier said than done sometimes, right? Yes, it can be hard to stick to your plan through periods of volatility. Now, when volatility picks up, remember that investors who hold the line tend to realize more of the market's returns than those who try to time their entry and exits. I have a neat chart that illustrates longer hold periods can make these stormy days seem less significant. Ladies and gentlemen, Paul, if you're interested in seeing it, just let me know shoot me an email. And lastly, drumroll. Fact number five, the glass is half full. Those names you hear quoted in the media, the Dow the s&p 500, the NASDAQ and so on. They represent a basket of America's largest and most profitable businesses. These businesses produce the goods and service that make our modern world run. Sure recessions happen and make the business climate challenging. But those are relatively rare. In fact, since 1945, recessions have lasted less than a year on average, whereas the good times businesses grow historically last more than five years Amber. In the long run, ladies and gentlemen, Amber Paul, stocks go up more often than they go down. Stay invested. Let's conclude this part of the show. Ladies and gentlemen, Paul, Amber, if market volatility is still making you uncomfortable, there are investments that might help. There are strategies that might help. Contact our office today to understand if these investments are right for you to make sure they're aligned with your current financial plan. I hope that answers your question, Paul. You happy we didn't run with the name potato Amber?

Amber Fuchs 32:15
I don't know I think potato would have been more intriguing. At least more tasty.

Jason Fuchs 32:25
Alright, let's conclude today's episode Amber, shall we short. Ladies and gentlemen, lean on me for support. If market volatility is still making you uncomfortable, there may be investments or other strategies that might help. Head to our website, www dot SADES. path Click the calendar link at the top of the page. Schedule time with me. I am not going to throw investment ideas at you. I'm not going to tell you why you should work with me. I'll answer your question. And you'll find that I'm freely giving up my time. You can also call me email me. All of that information is in the description of the podcast or it's on our website. Amber, anything you'd like to add?

Amber Fuchs 33:07
No, I'm just so glad I could be here with you in potato. Yeah,

Jason Fuchs 33:10
you mean potato, the new the new dad since mask, potato. Thank you so much for being here.

Amber Fuchs 33:23
Thank you for having me.

Jason Fuchs 33:23
It's our pleasure. Now remind us what is the best way for people to contact you.

Amber Fuchs 33:28
The best way is via email info at yellow luxury or on my website, www dot yellow luxury There's a contact page and you can always go through that as well.

Jason Fuchs 33:42
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